DIY Homemade Fairness Bath Powder or Sunni Pindi During Winter

The only few days to go winter, several of us want a good moisturizing soap that does not give...
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How Cannabis Can Kill Cancer

How Cannabis Can Kill Cancer #cancer #cannabis #disease #healthy #healthtips #cannabiscankillcancer #howtokillcancercells? Among the dangerous diseases these days, cancer tops the list. Though some other diseases...


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5 Yoga Asanas to Help Reduce Gastric Problems

Yoga for gastric problems cannot be simply ignored as yoga for gastritis and acidity is very beneficial for health. People all across the world do yoga to ensure good health. It is a known fact that the digestion process is indeed very complex. There are several enzymes to be thought of which help in the proper digestion of food. Gas happens to be part of this digestion process only. But it does cause problems when it is not passed out. Gastric problems might appear minor o start with, but if it persists then, they can become serious. There is yoga...

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