Fairness Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Most women like to look their best. They want to look fair, dazzling as well as very glamorous. If...
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Guide To Strengthen Immunity system

For the healthy life, a strong immune system is very important. When your body is attacked by any unfamiliar bodies like viruses or other...


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10 common myths about Meditation

Common meditation myths are manifold and knowing about them helps a person to lead a better life. Those meditating enjoy the benefits of meditation. Life is so stressful these days that most people are meditating to maintain a healthy mental balance. Yet there are certain common meditation myths about it. What are they? 1. Meditation is concentration Meditation means de-concentration. Concentration is derived from meditation. While concentration does require effort, meditation is an absolute relaxation of one’s mind. Meditation is letting go and when that happens, the person experiences a state of deep rest. A relaxed mind means better concentration. This is one...

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