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10 Interesting Facts About Sai Pallavi One Does Not Know!

Sai Pallavi attained fame as an actress at a very early age. Sai Pallavi's facts about her life are very interesting. Sai Pallavi's age...


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Six effective Yoga Exercises To slim down your Face

Are you unhappy with the ‘baby-faced’ image? Need your face to get slim & look sculpted? All you want to do is practice yoga exercises daily. Yes, yoga can reshape the complete facial structure & aids you reduce that ‘overweight’ appearance. Continue reading to know about 6 of those unbelievable yoga poses to prepare for a slimmer face We are all aware that yoga serves us to reduce belly fat, & can also lose weight through yoga. So what do to reduce those flabby cheeks & double chin? Well, there are some powerful facial exercises. The Surprised Fish Somewhat goofy pose, one...

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