Beauty benefits of Cilantro for Skin And Hair

benefits of Cilantro for Skin And Hair

Cilantro has usually identified as coriander has large & broadly been accepted as the healthful herb. Though, this simple kitchen component has also considered as the BFF by many of beauty enthusiasts. Why? As it has packed with skin & hair-friendly minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, & various other nutrients, that can provide us a perfect beauty aid naturally. We explain the Beauty benefits of Cilantro for Skin And Hair :

Benefits Of Cilantro For Skin

From abolishing acne-causing bacteria to creating pigmented lips pinker, cilantro can perform a many for our skin & that also naturally & safely. If you need a healthy & glowing skin simply by using the kitchen ingredient like cilantro, one should use it.

Enhanced Skin Texture

Using a cilantro face mask can enhance the skin texture to a great extent.


  • Fresh cilantro leaves: A handful
  • Milk : (1/4) cup
  • cucumber: 1 small
  • oatmeal powder: half cup


  1. Peel off the cucumber & makes small dices of it.
  2. Put the cucumber pieces, milk, cilantro leaves, & oatmeal into the blender.
  3. Blend it well to form a soft paste & apply it evenly on the skin. After 15 to 20 minutes, clean with lukewarm water to unveil supple, soft, & smooth skin.

Acne & Breakout Fighter

How regarding trying the simple cilantro mask to combat against that stubborn acne & breakouts? The treatment is quite simple.


  • Cilantro : A handful
  • Lemongrass : 1 teaspoon
  • Chamomile : 1 teaspoon


  1. Take all the components into a bowl
  2. join a cup of boiling water to it, & keep aside for about one hour.
  3. Then, blend all thing till it forms fine paste.
  4. Apply it all over the face & rinse off with lukewarm water after twenty minutes.
  5. Daily application of this face mask will decrease the chances of increasing breakouts hugely.

Skin Rejuvenator

If you need to freshen up your skin and rejuvenate it for added glow, a cilantro-rice face mask would be the best choice.


  • cilantro : 2-3 sprigs
  • aloe vera gel : 2 tablespoons
  • yogurt : 2 tablespoons
  • rice powder : 1 tablespoons
  • coconut milk : 1 tablespoons
  • white kaolin clay : 2 tablespoons


  1. Chop up cilantro & take it into the bowl.
  2. Add pure aloe vera gel, yogurt, rice powder, fresh coconut milk, & white kaolin clay to it.
  3. Combine everything well & mix it until smooth.
  4. Apply it on skin in an even layer and let it about 20 minutes to allow it dry. Then, clean away with the lukewarm water to find a invigorated, refreshed skin.

benefits of Cilantro for Skin And HairFace Lifter

Say ‘no’ to aging, sagging skin with the safe & natural cilantro egg white face mask.


  • cilantro : 2-3 sprigs
  • Eggs : 2
  • Oats : 2 cups


  • Cut cilantro in big pieces.
  • Depart the whites of eggs from their yolks.
  • Put these ingredients into the blender along with oats.
  • Stir until all has mixed together & turned in the smooth paste of thick consistency.
  • Apply it on the face in an uniform layer, let it to harden for about 10 to 15 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • This facemask will tighten up the face immediately.

Blackhead Buster

Nobody likes nasty blackheads at the point of the nose also right on the chin. A cilantro blemish treatment will be effective in reducing this issue.


  • Cilantro juice: 1 teaspoon
  • Lime juice : 1 teaspoon


  1. Combine fresh lime juice with fresh cilantro juice.
  2. Apply the mix to the affected portions of your skin.
  3. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 1 hour or so.

Dark Lips Lightener

Getting rose pink lips is the dream of all woman and daily application of cilantro juice can reduce the shade of dark lips gradually.


  • Cilantro juice: 1 teaspoon
  • Lime juice : 1 teaspoon


  1. The mix of fresh cilantro juice & freshly squeezed lemon juice can further improve a lot in restoring the natural pink color of the lips.
  2. For the excellent results, leave the mix on the lips overnight & rinse it off the next morning.

Benefits Of Cilantro For Hair

Cilantro can assist us to maintain the healthy scalp therefore that we can be happy with our lustrous hair. Grasp how to apply this herb for the improvement of your mane:

Prevent Hair Loss

When it comes to overcoming hair fall to the great extent, cilantro can turn out to be the best friend. Take as numerous as cilantro sprigs you want to cover the scalp, chop them up, & put them in a mixer. Pour the little water in it & make a soft paste of medium consistency. Use it completely all over the scalp and allow it sit for at least one hour. Then, clean away with the mild shampoo. Following this, three times per week can assist you to fight frequent hair fall completely.

Stimulated Hair Growth

Not just helps to prevent the hair loss, though cilantro can also spur the Hair growth of our locks considerably. Make a natural hair wash by boiling the bunch of cilantro in a huge pot of water for 30 to 45 minutes. Cool the mixture down and wash your hair with it correctly. This will spur our hair follicles & promote the hair growth.

Aside from the topical applications, One can further apply a warm detox home remedy prepared from cilantro juice & pure honey three times every day in order to combat against the skin and hair problems internally.

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