Health benefits of banana flower

Health benefits of banana flower

Very seldom are conscious of the benefits of these foods. Confused We are talking about one such food from which we can reap many benefits known as the banana flower. Read Health benefits of banana flower.

Lots of information is accessible on the bananas health benefits. But not enough is written of the banana flower. This post will explain to you that the banana flower is as healthy as banana fruit, if not infinite. Continue reading to improve your knowledge.

Now let us discuss nutrients found in Banana flower.


A banana flower is the rich source of various key minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, copper, and iron, etc. These minerals are essential to various bodily functions.

Estrak methanol:

The banana flower loaded with a very powerful element, streak methanol, that has potent antioxidant effects.

Vitamin E:

You find lots of vitamin E in banana flower as well. The evidence that this vitamin is excellent for your health guarantees no special notice.

Other nutrients:

The banana flower too contains dietary fiber, protein, and fat, etc.

Banana Flower Health Benefits

You are immediately conscious of the important nutrients seen in the banana flower. Therefore, you must Know about how exactly these nutrients sustain you healthy.

Banana Flowers Beat Premenstrual Syndrome

When you need to relieve the symptoms associated with the premenstrual syndrome, one of the greatest things to do is to eat banana flowers. The important nutrients found in the Banana Flowers will do a good job for you,

This should be eaten along with yogurt that perfectly complements the banana flower, to give relief to you.


  • Banana flowers: 1 cup
  • Yogurt: 1 cup


  • Tale one cup of banana flowers and Cook them.
  • Now take one cup of yogurt. And mix cooked banana flowers with yogurt. Stir well. And eat it.
  • Repeat this daily to experience release from the condition.

No More Anxiety

If you need to overcome anxiety, you can carefully forget regarding the daily antidepressants, that can cause any side effects over a span of time. Rather, you will be much greater off, if you depend on the banana flower.

The magnesium observed in these flowers serves as an attractive mood lifter. Try this and you will not disappoint.


Banana flowers- 1 cup


  • Take One cup of banana flowers. Directly eat them.
  • Repeat that regularly & there will be no further anxiety for you.

Great Aid to Lactating Women

Several lactating women face the problem of decreased supply of milk. Here, there is certainly no need to worry, as the little banana flower will fix the issue within fraction of seconds. The food improves the amount of breast milk & this hugely benefits the newborn.


Cooked banana flower- 1 cup


  1. Take one cup of cooked banana flower. Directly eat it.
  2. Repeat this 2 times a day to get the wanted result.

Added Health Benefits of Banana Flower

Simultaneously with the above, the below are some further methods in that this super food promotes good health.

Protect from infections

Daily consumption of the banana flower is a special approach to protecting your body from different infections. This is mainly because of the ethanol essences that are located in the flower.

Eliminates free radicals

If you are intent to eradicate the free radicals from inside the body, then do it a point to incorporate the banana flower in your standard diet.

Manages anemia/diabetes

The ever-reliable food supports people having diabetes/ anemia to accurately manage their condition.

Reduces stroke & heart diseases

The powerful antioxidants that are found in banana flower essentially decrease the vulnerability to disabled stroke & heart diseases.

How to Cut and Clean Banana Flower

To fully benefit from the health-promoting properties of banana flower, it is important that you know how to cut and clean it properly.

Health benefits of banana flowerHow to store Banana flower?

  • First, spread some mustard oil on palms to stop them from becoming discolored during you peel the flower.
  • Gently take out each bract & collect the tiny florets.
  • Proceed to do so till you reach the inner piece where you will see a bunch of the yellow shade.
  • Now take every floret & eliminate its transparent cover also the tiny-sized head.
  • Then chop all the florets in little pieces.
  • Remove the floret bits into the container holding water.
  • Put one tablespoon of yogurt & half tablespoon salt in the container. This will reduce the amount to that the banana flower becomes oxidized.
  • Now we can cook curry with the banana flower.

How to make Banana Flower Curry Recipe

Continue to know about an amazing recipe of banana flower curry. The food, aside from providing to the physical well-being, is too appealing to the palate. Is that not wonderful? Go ahead & try it!


  • Banana flower- 1
  • Curry leaves- 1 cup
  • Red chilies- 3
  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Grated coconut- 1 cup
  • Coconut oil- 2 tsp
  • Mustard seeds- 1 tsp


  1. Take one banana flower
  2. Chop it into small pieces as specified in the preceding section.
  3. Put these parts in one bowl of water.
  4. Boil this mixture for about 10 minutes.
  5. Drain the water from a bowl.
  6. Then take two tablespoons of coconut oil & heat it in the pan.
  7. Combine one tablespoon of mustard seeds, three red chilies & one cup of curry leaves in the pan.
  8. Now add pieces of banana flowers in the pan.
  9. Cook for approximately five minutes at the medium flame.
  10. Then add one cup of grated coconut & one tablespoon of salt in the mixture. Stir well.
  11. The delicious and healthy banana flower curry recipe is now ready to serve.

So the above explained are the few of health benefits & other appropriate aspects of the banana flower. There is no logic for you to delay extra in joining this surprise food to your everyday diet. The earlier you do this, the greater it would be for health.

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