8 Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

8 symptoms of cervical cancer

8 Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

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The very name of cancer can send waves down the spine. Be it any cancer, it is a warning & wants to have bitten in the flower. When it related to cervical cancer, there are eight symptoms of to look out. These are the most significant ones that should inform you of something going wrong in the body. Before we go toward the symptoms of cervical cancer, it is essential to know the disease’s cause & probable preventive steps that can be taken to avoid it.

Cervical cancer results from the abnormal growth of cells on the cervix wall & these cells going out of restraint. We say moving out of control because not all abnormal cell growths are cancerous. Although many women have influenced by the abnormal growth of cells on the cervix walls, not all grow to be cancerous. A Pap distortion test helps to identify pre-cancerous cells or cervical cancer at an early stage & hence, get appropriate treatment.

One primary cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. And since this is an infection, it is best to avoid situations leading to it. The disease reached from with skin-to-skin contact so avoid association with an infected person. Getting oneself vaccinated against HPV infection is another quick move.

You might be taking all precautionary measures but if you find yourself suffering from any of the following 8 symptoms of cervical cancer do not hesitate in contacting the health care provider.

8 symptoms of cervical cancerAbnormal Vaginal Bleeding:

Bleeding of any kind is not the healthy sign. Although we can get to know the cause of an external bleeding it is tough to come to a conclusion regarding internal bleeding. If you notice any abnormal bleeding from the vagina, get yourself tested.

Watery Vaginal Discharge Or With the Blood:

You know the body best, & you also know about the kind of vaginal discharge that is normal. However, if you notice blood accompanies a watery discharge from the vagina or the discharge then it could be the symptom of cervical cancer.

Vaginal Discharge With Unpleasant Odor:

In healthy women, the vaginal discharge does not have any different smell. But a smell can be a sign of ill health. It is not essential that any offensive smelling discharge is the symptom of cervical cancer, but it is best to rule out the probability. Since a vaginal discharge with an obnoxious odor is a sign of cervical cancer, you should get yourself treated at the earliest.

Problems Urinating:

Urinating is the natural process and should not cause any trouble. But when you experience any pain, discomfort or uneasiness while urinating do not delay matters. Anything out of the ordinary course needs to be checked and so the case here.

Pain When Sex:

Sex is deemed to be a pleasant experience but if you experience pain during sex, it could be one of the eight symptoms of cervical cancer. Get a thorough checkup done because pain during sex is not a regular thing.

Swelling In feet:

When you see the legs swell up without any reason, you could be suffering from the pre-cancerous condition of cervical cancer. There are various reasons for swelling of feet, & it is best to get all causes checked before coming to this conclusion.

Back Or Pelvic Pain:

Pain in the back area or the pelvic region can be a cause of great discomfort but need not be the symptom of cancer. If the pain has accompanied by any of the other symptoms mentioned here then, it can be a cause of concern.

Problems Defecating:

Another cervical cancer symptom can be in the form of difficulty while defecating. Get yourself checked up thoroughly to rule out all possibilities. If there are any pre-cancer symptoms, you will be at the time of proper treatment and cure.

These are the essential eight symptoms of cervical cancer. If you experience any one or more of them, take timely action and visit your doctor. Do not keep back any information from the doctor. Every small bit of information can be crucial.

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