8 Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin K

8 Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin K

8 Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin K

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Vitamin K has associated with the blood clotting. Vitamin K amazingly contributes towards health. It is necessary for the blood clotting, healthy bones, & cell growth. Outwardly Vitamin K, the body would not be capable of clotting the blood.

Thus, intake of Vitamin K is a must. There are three types, K1, K2, and K3. K1 class has found in plants & the leafy vegetable. K2 has done from K1 and K3 by bacteria and other micro-organisms. There are various benefits of the vitamin K. It aids in the blood clotting. Vitamin K deficiency points to impairment of clotting process & gastrointestinal disorders.

Vitamin K is a crucial factor for healthy bones. Vitamin K deficient people are at the greater risk of bone fracture. It also assists against the increase of cancerous cells in the body. According to the recent study, Vitamin K is proved to be good for heart health. Read on 8 Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin K.

8 Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin KSpinach:

Spinach is an outstanding source of the Vitamin K. It is also rich in vitamin A, & the C.1 cup of cooked spinach contains 800 mcg of vitamin k.


Dark leafy vegetables have the highest amount of vitamin K.1 cup of cooked broccoli consists of 220 mcg of Vitamin K.


Kale is also one of the best foods that are rich in the Vitamin K. It reduces the cholesterol, cleanses the system & prevents cancer.

Mustard Green:

Mustard green is a nutritious green leafy vegetable. It is high in the vitamin K, A & carotenes. Mustard green also helps osteotropic activity in bone.


The delicious & fragrant parsley is rich in Vitamin A, C and K. It protects against arthritis and is suitable for healthy functioning of the heart.


Cabbage is rich in the source of Vitamin K, Vitamin C & Vitamin B6. It aids in lowering the cholesterol & prevents cancer.


Green peas have loaded with the Vitamin A, C & K. Peas are high in fiber and low in fat and serve great in controlling the blood sugar levels and prevent stomach cancer.


The healthiest herb basil is also an excellent source of Vitamin K. 1/4 cup of basil leaves contains 25 mcg of vitamin K, A and contains the good amount of Manganese, Potassium, and Copper.

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