7 Relationship Secrets That Truly Work

7 Relationship Secrets That Truly Work

Relationships have to be maintained and relationship goals need to be set up. It is interesting to know about secrets to a long-lasting relationship to improve marital ties.

Relationships are not all that easy to maintain. It would be interesting to know the secrets to a healthy relationship. It is necessary to work towards a successful relationship. What are the secrets to a long-lasting relationship? There are several ways to maintain a healthy relationship. 

1. Accept conflict as normal

Perfection is difficult to attain in a relationship. Disagreements will be there. Unless severe problems arise such as unfaithfulness, abuse, addictions, legal problems, or violence and it is better to keep up with a relationship. One needs to overcome a rough patch. Trust and commitment need to be deepened.

2. Grow yourself up emotionally

Most people are subject to dysfunctional behaviors that are destructive to themselves as well as others. Some of the most common ones are defensiveness, poor communication skills, and lacking emotional intelligence. It is good to know one’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Give each other space

Even people who happen to be in loving relationships do need time for themselves. Couples do spend time away from each other, working on their own goals, spending time with their friends as well as hobbies, and just about doing their own thing. Relationship goals can be set up.

4. Develop an “I’m awesome” attitude

It is important to know one’s self-worth. Far too many people do focus on their self-worth first and then on the success of the relationship. But yet how a person feels about oneself should not have anything to do with one’s relationship status, nor the whims and moods of one’s partner. Self-esteem should be kept up at all costs. Relationship goals do matter.

5. Take care of one’s own needs

One is an adult, not a child, so it is better to call the shots. Need a nap? Take it. Want ice cream? Have it. Want to go to the movies? Enjoy. In partnership, it is possible to ask the other person to help a person to meet the needs. But similar to oneself, others have their own needs and problems. They may say no and this is not a rejection. It is rather a chance to be self-reliant or reach out to one’s community (i.e., friends or family) for help. It is better to know more people rather than rely on a single person.

6. Communicate boundaries

More relationships die on account of remaining silent rather than violence. Does a person bite one’s tongue when upset? Does the person turn away from bad behavior? Is there a tendency to nag rather than enforcing consequences? All these issues matter for a smooth channel of communication.

7. Never reward bad behavior

Bad behavior must not be excused. It is necessary to draw a line concerning a partner’s bad behavior. If the offended person continues to spend time with them, laugh, have sex, and otherwise pretend that everything s alright, thus offering positive reinforcement they do not need to change. Some ground rules need to be set. Efforts should e made by the offender to change his or her behavior.

7 Relationship Secrets That Truly Work

Relationships can be like old shoes—we stay in them even when they are no longer functional because they are comfortable. But comfort is rarely an indication of a life well-lived.


Relationships have to be worked upon. Partners need to ensure that each one does not encroach too much on the space of the other. It is important to maintain self-esteem and not to compromise on it.

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