5 Bird Tattoos and Their Meaning

5 Bird Tattoos and Their Meaning

Bird tattoos are very popular and simple bird tattoos are displayed on one’s body. People also like to adorn their bodies with bird tattoos on arm.

Birds do play an important role in lifting one’s mood. The chirping of a bird draws much attention. Similarly, the look of an attractive bird is of much admiration. It is a universal fact acknowledged that a bird’s song does herald bountiful new opportunities and possibilities. The day begins with the hearing of the first whistles and clicks does energizes a person. The day begins well with the look of the bird and its melodious chirping.

Throughout known history, humanity has indeed been obsessed with birds. They do represent a variety of traits that humans hope to possess and incorporate into their daily lives. Birds are free by nature and man desires such freedom as he or she is bogged down by societal pressures.

Humans also feel like taking flight similar to the birds which move around in an uninhibited manner across the sky. 

It will be interesting to observe in what other ways the birds will inspire in the coming centuries.

Simple bird tattoos have also drawn much attention of a bird watcher and many like to adorn their bodies with tattoos of birds. Birds are attractive and beautiful to look at and naturally, bird tattoos will look similar on one’s body. 

There are flying birds tattoo meaning that one is free in this world to go wherever one wants. Then there are flying bird tattoos which also give a similar meaning to the display of such a tattoo on the body.

Bryan Christopher Williams or Bryan Christopher Brooks, popularly referred to by his stage name, Birdman happens to be an American rapper, entrepreneur, as well as record executive. He has several interesting tattoos on the body. 

1. Head Tattoos : 

Tattoo: Tattoos are consisting of five large stars that are surrounded by a fade on Birdman’s head. The ones on the sides are no doubt red in color whereas the one in the middle is usually hollow.

Meaning: The stars have been accepted as the symbol of security and direction. The five-point stars are the symbol of a heavenly relationship that a person does share with God.

2. Forehead Tattoos

Tattoo: He also has two words tattooed above his eyebrows which read as, ‘CHIB’ and ‘MAMA‘ rather above his right and left eyebrows, respectively. The region between his eyebrows does contain a tattoo of a cross.

Meaning: The cross does represent his religious views.

3. Face and Neck Tattoos

Tattoo: The middle part of his eyebrows does contain a tattoo of the number 6 on it. His right cheek does contain a tattoo of a single teardrop and his left cheek usually contains a tattoo of three teardrops falling from the eye in a line.

4. Neck Tattoos

Tattoo: Birdman’s neck also does contain the words, Bird Lady tattooed on it along with designs of swirls that are followed by a big star in the center of his neck.

5 Bird Tattoos and Their Meaning

5. Tattoos on the Right Side of his Face

Tattoo: The right side of Birdman’s face contains the letter R, the number, 5, a star, and the letter G tattooed on it vertically in front of his respective ear. Towards the right of this ink in fact lies another word that can be read as ‘BABS’, followed by ‘RICH GANG’. On his right eyelid, there are also Roman numerals inked as XI, IV.


Bird tattoos on arms are also very popular and it is but obvious that people like bird tattoos as birds provide a sense of freedom. People like to imbibe a free spirit.


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