Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Dates

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Dates

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Dates

Dates are packed with many nutrients that offer various beauty benefits. They are rich in vitamins & minerals that are useful not only for health but also for beauty. They miraculously work amazing for the skin and hair. The presence of vitamin A, B, K folic acid, magnesium, vitamins, manganese, sulphur, protein, fibre & iron makes them the perfect solution for healthy skin.

Regular consumption of dates provides useful amounts of vitamin C, which is a must for the healthy skin. On the other side, the proteins present in this fruit benefit a lot in the cell regeneration process. Dates also increase collagen production & heal damaged skin. The minerals present in them keep your skin soft, supple and vibrant.

Dates are also an important source of dietary fibre that removes poisons from the body and provides the healthy complexion. In this article, we at yabibo would share with you some more reasons to include dates in the beauty regime. Read on to know more Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Dates.

Strengthens Hair Follicles:

The oil extracted from dates has loaded with nutrition. It decreases dry scalp and improves hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles. Eating a handful of raisins is one the best ways to maintain healthy tresses.

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Dates

Improves Skin Elasticity:

Since dates are an excellent source of vitamin C, they assist in enhancing the elasticity of the skin. The nutrients present in them make the skin soft and flexible by hydrating the skin from within.


The vitamin C present in raisins continues oxidation and thereby prevents wrinkles and fine lines & helps maintain youthful looks.

Prevents Hair Fall:

Consuming 2- 3 dates every day strengthens the hair follicles. Since dates are rich in vitamin B, they support the roots of your hair, treat excessive hair fall and make your hair stronger & healthy.

Eliminate Stretch Marks:

Dates contain vitamin B, which is helpful for skin. Deficiency of vitamin B leads to various skin problems including stretch marks. Consuming dates on a regular basis helps fight this issue.

Dates are used for many purposes the above mentioned are very few. Include dates to your daily diet and grab these amazing beauty benefits of dates.

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