Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

types of marigold flowers

Marigold Flowers are the robust and annual plant belonging to the Compositae family. There are about 56 species of concern that found all over the world. Marigold has 2 genera called Tagetes and Calendula. Tagetes include the African and French worry while Calendula includes the concern of the pot. The flower blooms in colors like gold, orange, white, red and yellow, but yellow and orange are the most commonly found. Generally, different types of marigold flowers known as the sun grass and are a symbol of passion and creativity.

Marigold is one of the most popular flowers for garden decoration. This cut flowers widely used to make garlands for religious and social functions. In India, the concern is offered to gods and goddesses during Durga Puja, as well as on other festivals. Marigold flower carries both positive and negative significance. It represents sunlight, which means a new beginning, but at the same time, it is also associated with jealousy, cruelty, sadness and pain. Some cultures also associate this flower with death, as it plays an important role on Day of the Dead. In Welsh tradition, the worry was used to predict time. The closed flowers meant that a storm was on the way. A potion made from marigold petals was thought to call the fairies when rubbed on the eyelids.

pictures of marigold flowers:

Tagetes erect Doubloon:

 types of marigold flowersDoubloon presents large yellow pom flowers on sturdy stems. It is one of the most robust worries and is highly weather resistant, standing both in the rain and the strong sun. The flowers last a really long period regardless of time.

Calendula officinalis Bon Bon Orange:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Bob Bon orange is a compact flower, entirely orange double with dark green foliage. It would be as beautiful as a cut flower. It grows on and off during mid-summer to mid-autumn. Regular stripping will promote continuous flowering.

Tagetes Patula Safari Bolero:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Safari Bolero is a French marigold from the Safar series that produces brown flowers with golden centers. It will make a superb show in pots, garden and even as a cut flower. Safari Bolero is a marvel of all times because of its beautiful color and rustic nature.

Tagetes erect Antigua Orange:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Discovery Orange is a vigorous and floriferous plant that produces large orange blossoms throughout the summer. This bushy plant offers large, durable flowers that bloom continuously throughout the year. Its dark green foliage emits a distinct odor when crushed. It will make an excellent bottom plant to be planted at the borders, in the mass planting, and in containers.

Tagetes Patula Disco Orange:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Disco Orange a French marigold with large, brightly colored flowers that are carried in profusion on compact plants. This Marigold hybrid introduced by the German seed company Ernst Benary. It is strongly aromatic, divided leaves and dark green foliage which is not very visible in the plant. It is an ideal bedding plant. This bright orange flower will definitely liven up your living room.

Calendula officinalis Bon Bon Yellow:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

The Bon Bon Jaune is a black, compact strain. It is an entirely double flower in pale cream to the bright yellow color. It is a beautiful contrast with its rich green leaves. This 4-inch flower blooms endlessly from late autumn to spring in mild winter. It would look beautiful as a cut flower and also used as a colorful garnish for salads. The flower goes well in the moist soil but requires good drainage.

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Tagetes Patula Safari Scarlet:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Safari Scarlet is a semi-resistant French marigold that blooms from early summer to early autumn. It takes less than a year to flourish completely. It is a double rich mahogany-orange flower with yellow tips. The flower star-shaped with bright green leaves. It grows well in full sun and prefers an average water level.

Tagetes erect Discovery Yellow Marigold Flowers:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

The discovery yellow is a spectacular bright yellow double flower that blooms on dwarf plants. The yellow flowers contrast well with its dark green fern foliage. The French marigold remains very clean and tidy while retaining its huge flowers. The flower has an extraordinary reliability and can tolerate heat and cold.

Tagetes erecta Sweet Cream:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Sweet Cream presents beautiful creamy flowers that adorn the robust, medium, compact 16-inch-tall plant. This white hybrid is a large 3-inch-wide flower that blooms early and continues to frost. It is attractive to butterflies, bees, and birds. It has superior pot and garden performance and is ideal for border plantings and flower beds. The flower requires regular watering, but do not over water it.

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Caltha palustris:

Top 10 Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Caltha palustris is a perennial plant that originates from the northern hemisphere. This succulent plant bears bright, heart-shaped leaves and clusters of bright yellow, buttercup-like flowers. The flower has 5 petals and a round tuft of golden yellow anthers that carry the pollen. It crammed with thick stems. Its leaves are also used as potherbs. For this, you have to boil for several hours and change the water in between. These should not be eaten raw. Grow Caltha palustris in slightly damp or moist acid soil under full sunlight.


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