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Shruti Hassan Without Makeup Pictures – You Can’t Imagine

Shruti Hassan without makeup

Shruti Hassan is the daughter of the legendary superstar of the South and Bollywood, Kamal Hassan. Born on January 28, 1986, in Kamal Hassan and Sarika Thakur in Chennai, her study and career took off in South India, long before her foray into Bollywood. Not everyone is aware that she …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Zinnia Flowers

Zinnia Flowers Images

Zinnia flower belongs to the family, Asteraceae and has about 20 species. It comes from the heated areas of Mexico, United States, Central America and South America. Zinnias are annual flowers and add a vibrant charm to your gardens and decorations. They exist naturally in meadows and dry meadows. The …

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Pictures Of Ileana D’Cruz Without Makeup


Ileana D’Cruz, a Bollywood actress, was born in Mumbai on 1 November 1985 by a Roman Catholic father and a Muslim mother. She is a 28-year-old Christian actress who began acting in the South Indian film industry of Tollywood. Later, she entered the world of Bollywood. Actresses have always been …

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Top Most Female Sports Celebrities In India

Female Sports Celebrity saina Nehwal

Female Sports Celebrities are always in lead. But India Sports have always been identified with men. Women who live in this country are not encouraged to participate actively in sports! The conditions of women in India who practice sport are lower than those of the international examination. Here is a …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

White Angel lilac flower

If you’ve ever liked the colored lilac flowers, you’re not alone. Although the color is a favorite among many girls, most interior planners and designers also use this color as their color of choice. Have you ever wondered where this color comes from and what is the story of the …

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Top 5 International Makeup Artists

Pat mcgrath makeup artists

Here are the world’s Top 5 international makeup artists who are identified for their participation in creating beauty through cosmetics.In the world today, fashion is not only limited to celebrities or page 3 glitterati. Nowadays, anyone with a sense of style and “what looks good” has a choice of options …

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Pictures Of Kristen Stewart Without Makeup

kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart began acting when she was eight but got her big break alongside Jodie Foster in The Panic Room. Her most famous part to date is that of Bella Swan in Twilight, a role she landed after an informal screen test that “captivated” director Catherine Hardwicke. She appeared in …

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Most Beautiful Carnation Flowers In The World

Striped Carnation Flowers

Carnation flowers, also known as Dianthus, are one of the most popular flowers in the world. The carnation flower considered the “flower of God”, as its scientific name Dianthus was formed by associating two Greek words, “dies”, referring to the God Zeus and “ethos” meaning flower. These beautiful flowers are …

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Most Beautiful Orange Roses In The World

Orange Roses

Orange roses are a symbol of youth, vitality, and life. They also make great wedding roses. These roses can add playfulness to any garden. Here is a list of orange roses. This Orange roses always looks attractive. Beautiful Orange Roses Images: Abraham Darby:               …

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Princess Charlene Of Monaco Beauty, Fitness And Makeup Secrets

princess charlene of monaco

Her Clear Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, wife of Prince Albert II is admired by all for her elegant fashion style. She has the most athletic, fit and well-toned body amongst the princesses of all the Royal Courts. Adapting her style from base Bulawayo-born beach babe to appropriately attired royal …

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