Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

White Angel lilac flower

If you’ve ever liked the colored lilac flowers, you’re not alone. Although the color is a favorite among many girls, most interior planners and designers also use this color as their color of choice.

Have you ever wondered where this color comes from and what is the story of the lilac?

The lilac is a common flowering shrub and the state flower of New Hampshire. Lilac comes in hundreds of varieties and colors range from rich, purple burgundy to lilac, lavender, blue, white and even yellow. The fragrance of the lilac flower varies from slightly floral to hot spicy tones. Lilac symbolizes the innocence of youth and represents confidence and pride.

Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers:

The beauty of Moscow:

lilac Flowers

It is one of the most breathtaking lilacs. It features pink, pearl-like buds that open to superb white double flowers. The flower has a strong spicy fragrance and is often used in the perfume industry. The combination and contrast of pink buds with white petals is extremely astonishing. It has a blue-green foliage that stays the same throughout the season.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

Congo is a heritage variety that bears beautiful red wine flowers that are very fragrant. It is often listed in the top 5 lilacs by lilac lovers. The leaves are medium green, heart-shaped and are 5 inches long. They are carried in large semi-open clusters near the ends of the branches. The flower appears in late spring until early summer. It is fairly rustic and easy to grow.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

Primrose is believed to be the only yellow lilac. The flowers are not true yellow color but have a creamy white color that turns yellow as it gets older. It has elegant heart-shaped leaves that give an amazing contrast to sunny flowers. It is intensely perfumed and is a long lasting flower. These flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds.

Lilac – James Macfarlane:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

James Macfarlane is a large cluster of pink and scented pink flowers that bloom in late spring. The flower has narrow, heart-shaped leaves on upright oval shrubs. It is extremely hard and adaptable and can easily withstand moisture conditions. It blooms annually in May and June and is attractive to butterflies.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

The sensation is a unique lilac with simple violet flowers with distinct white margins. This is a best-selling lilac flower on the market. This is a mid-season bloomer and flowers in May each year. It has a fragrant sweet fragrance that is very pleasant. It will surely add beauty to your garden.

President Grevy Lilac:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

President Grevy is a favorite all-weather lilac that offers, sweet, light blue flowers that are wonderfully fragrant. It has blue-green foliage that does not fade with time and the green heart-shaped leaves do not develop any appreciable loss of color. It has smooth bark, dark gray. These flowers prefer full sun, good drainage and air circulation to thrive.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

Tinkerbelle is the most recent lilac hybrid. It comes in an unusual color of hot pink and is quite small in size. It has a unique fragrance but is spicy rather than sweet. This is an excellent choice for foundation planting and decoration. The flower should do trimmed regularly to promote its growth. It has excellent resistance to mildew.

Angel White Lilac Flowers:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Lilac Flowers

White Angel is a pure white lilac that blooms fairly late in the lilac flowering season. It has loose clusters of perfumed white flowers that rise above the green foliage. It is a hybrid variety of lilac that provides more flowers and has good heat resistance, making it a perfect choice for warmer regions. This white lilac flower will create elegance in your garden with its white clusters of flowers of curved petals.

Lilac Wonderblue:

lilac flowers

Wonderblue is a slow growing lilac that has unique sky blue flowers with a pleasant sweet scent. The flower is attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds. It tolerates light shade but blooms best in full sun.


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