Summer Special : The Best & Easy Mango Lassi Recipe

Summer Special : The Best & Easy Mango Lassi Recipe
Easy Mango Lassi Recipe

The Best & Easy Mango Lassi Recipe

Summertime means a juice mango lassi recipe drink. This rather authentic Indian mango lassi is easy to make at home in a blender with just 5 ingredients in only about 5 minutes. It is sweet, refreshing, and a favorite at Indian restaurants.

Lassi happens to be a yogurt-based drink that originates from the Punjab region of India. It is typically made sweet, or sometimes even salty with a blend of yogurt, spices, milk, salt, and fruit or some sort of of flavoring.
Lassis are rather traditionally prepared with a makhani or a wooden whisk that is used to churn butter and also make curries. Presently, just toss all the ingredients into a blender and achieve the same result.
A Mango Lassi is a tangy, sweet, and also creamy Indian mango drink. A person can also come across Rose Lassis, salty (namkeen) lassis, and Strawberry Lassi at most Indian restaurants.

Summer Special : The Best & Easy Mango Lassi Recipe
The Best & Easy Mango Lassi Recipe


• Mango – Alphonso mangoes or kesar mangoes are indeed the best to use for mango lassis. They are native to India and incredibly sweet. It is possible to use fresh ripe champagne mangoes or frozen mangoes for a delicious lassi.
• Yogurt – Plain whole milk yogurt, such as Indian dahi, is best to use for a tangy taste which a person gets in a restaurant lassi. Be sure to use the thick curd rather than the whey sitting at the top. A person can use a plain vegan yogurt of one’s choice (coconut is preferred) as a plant-based alternative.
• Milk – Depending on how smooth one’s mango puree is, a person needs milk to thin out the lassi and get the right consistency. Using whole milk is a good idea. To make this mango lassi vegan, almond or cashew milk can be used.
• Sweetener – Use white granulated sugar in order to sweeten the lassi. Honey, maple syrup, agave, or other substitutes can also be used
• Spices – A pinch of freshly ground green cardamom adds taste to lassi! Garnish with kesar (saffron) sometimes as well. A small amount of rosewater for fragrance without overpowering the mango flavor can be added.
Why Alphonso Mangoes?
Alphonso mangoes or kesar mangoes do provide lassis with an authentic taste that can be had at restaurants. Alphonso mangoes are rich, non-fibrous, juicy, fragrant, pulpy, and vibrant in color.
A person can also buy Alphonso pulp and Kesar pulp.

Best Fresh Alternatives to Alphonso Mangoes
Other mangoes, like the red mango and champagne mango, can be used for preparing lassis.
Which Yogurt to use
Dahi is used for lassis, that is yogurt or curd prepared in the Indian subcontinent making use of cow’s whole milk and a yogurt culture (starter).
Make it in a Blender

1. Add the mango to one’s blender. The mango can be canned pulp, fresh mango, or even frozen chunks. Add the yogurt, milk, sugar, and also cardamom, and then blend until smooth.
2. The consistency needs to be creamy and thicker than regular fruit smoothies. If scooping it with a spoon, it should still pour as a steady stream so that it is possible to still drink it through a straw but it should be really thick. Adjust the consistency by in fact adding more milk to thin it out or ice cubes to thicken it.
3. Taste and then adjust the lassi. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar for extra sweetness, 2 tablespoons of canned mango pulp for no doubt a stronger mango flavor, or even 2 tablespoons of yogurt for more tang.
4. Pour the lassi into tall serving glasses. Keep it chilled until it is ready to serve.
5. Garnish with saffron and also chopped pistachios or even almonds.

Make it in a Mason Jar:

Add the mango puree, milk, yogurt, cardamom, and sugar into a mason jar. Then screw the lid on securely and shake for about two minutes. Adjust for sweetness.

Conclusion : 

Mango Lassis is a cooling drink in the summer or battling with spicy food. The mango lassi recipe is popular in the summertime.

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