Top 10 Most Beautiful Zinnia Flowers

Zinnia Flowers Images

Zinnia flower belongs to the family, Asteraceae and has about 20 species. It comes from the heated areas of Mexico, United States, Central America and South America. Zinnias are annual flowers and add a vibrant charm to your gardens and decorations. They exist naturally in meadows and dry meadows.

The zinnias are tiny round flowers with green leaves and no stems. The leaves are oval in shape with light surface hairs. The solitary flowers, round, and daisies have petals in single, semi-double or double rows. The flower blooms in shades of white, green, brown, purple, brown and is even bicolor. Zinnias are wonderful summer flowers and grow best in tropic and subtropical regions. Zinnia is a natural bedding plant and looks great in containers and even like cut flowers as they last long enough.

Beautiful Zinnia Flowers Images:

Zinnia ‘Dasher Pink’:

 Zinnia flower images

Pink Dasher is a cheerful pink zinnia flower round that develops like a hot season plant. The flowers germinate in the warm garden soil so they can be planted easily indoors. It is a long-lasting flower with two heads of flowers and lance-shaped leaves. The flower is bright green in color and is 3 inches long. It thrives in sunny areas and is ideal for beginners.

Zinnia Star White:

Zinnia Flower

The white star Zinnia flower is a wonderful variety of hanging basket. The flower is 3 inches wide and has pure white petals with yellow centers. It grows in partial shade at full in early summer. It is resistant to heat and drought and can be grown even in mild climates. This is a low maintenance plant but must be trimmed regularly. This pure white flower will make an excellent contrast with yellow golden zinnias. The white star is much more resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew.

Zinnia Elegans ‘Benary’s Giant Deep Red:

Zinnia Flower Pictures

It is a dark red Zinnia flower that would look amazing in the garden and living room. It develops in full sun and clay soil. The flower attracts bees and butterflies and is even resistant to diseases.

Zinnia Angustifolia Crystal Orange:

Zinnia Flower, Zinnia Flowers

Crystal orange is a narrow Zinnia leaf that spreads widely and randomly where conditions are ideal for seeds to germinate. It grows quickly to a height of 25 cm and 14 cm of width. The flower grows best in direct sunlight every day, in the soil with constant moisture.

Zinnia Elegans ‘Benary’s Giant Bright Pink:

Zinnia Flower

It is a giant dahlia flower in the bright pink color that grows on a long and robust stem. The flowers are bright and bright in color which makes them very eye-catching. It holds well in summer, heat and also rain. The flower is perfect both as a cut flower and for garden planting. She was awarded the title of Fresh Cut Flower of the Year by the ASCFG. It is very tolerant to diseases and mold.

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Zinnia Elegans ‘Benary’s Giant Carmine Rose:

Zinnia flowers, Zinnia flower images

This flower belongs to the genus Zinnia Elegans and usually grows as an annual. The giant pink carmine is native to Mexico and ripens, and completes its life cycle in a single year.

Zinnia Elegans ‘Benary’s Giant Orange:

Zinnia flower

Giant Orange is easy to grow Zinnia which gives long and sturdy stems with 4 to 6 inches fully double dahlia-like flowers. It is a vigorous plant which holds well in summer the heat and the rain.

Zinnia Elegans ‘Dreamland Yellow’:

zinnia flower pics

These are bright yellow Zinnias that can perk up your garden instantly. It is part of the Dreamland series and produces large flowers throughout the summer. They are reliable, performing and can tolerate harsh weather conditions.

Zinnia Elegans ‘Benary’s Giant Lime’:

Zinnia elegans flowers, Zinnia flower

The giant lime is a fully double flower that grows on long, sturdy stems. The Zinnia Flower flower grows in the foreground of darker foliage and green stems. This is an excellent flower and attracts butterflies. And it blooms every year from late summer to mid-autumn and is native to North America. It has a deciduous leafy with yellowish greenish petals.

Zinnia Angustifolia ‘Classic’:

Zinnia flower

This is an annual bushy flower that belongs to the species Angustifolia. Classic wears a profusion of small gold-orange daisy flowers with yellow centers. It blooms mainly in summer, in a rich and fertile soil. It will make a splendid cut flower. This one, unlike other Zinnia flowers, does not fade in summer. The flower blooms without stopping until frost and is ideal for a hot and humid summer climate.



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