6 Best natural exfoliant for face

6 Best natural exfoliant for face

Having healthy & glowing skin does not require a lot of time. Have a look in the kitchen & you will find several ingredients that can be a part of the beauty regimen whether it is moisturizing, toning, nourishing or exfoliating. One of our skin experts, shares a list of everyday ingredients that will double up as exfoliants.

6 Homemade Facial Scrubs for Sensitive Skin

Almond paste:

Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, which provides the skin & brings back the natural glow to it. The vitamin D in it aids lock the moisture & keeps the skin hydrated. Mix powdered almonds with the few drops of the lemon juice, a spoon of gram flour & a teaspoon of cold milk. Apply it as a scrub & rinse off. Daily use of this almond scrub will leave the skin glowing. One can also try these DIY almond face & hair packs.


There are various walnut scrubs available in the market. The rugged texture and characteristics of walnut make it the selected exfoliating ingredient in most products. Walnuts are rich in necessary fatty acids too that help enhances the elasticity of the skin.

Urad dal:

Urad dal has packed with minerals, urad dal or black gram is a wonderful exfoliant. Grind ½ cup of soaked urad dal & mix with 2 tbsp of ghee & 2 tbsp milk. Utilize this paste as a scrub thrice a week to rub off the dead skin & lighten it. Read more on Six wonderful Skin, Hair and Health Benefits of Black Gram

6 Best Natural Exfoliating Scrubs for Face

6 Best natural exfoliant for faceGreen gram:

Moong dal or green grams are the rich source of vitamin A and C and aid nourish the skin while exfoliating it. A paste of Green gram mixed with honey & almond oil used as scrub can afford the natural glow to the skin. Read more Six wonderful benefits of moong dal or green gram for the skin and hair


An excellent source of vitamin E, K & B6, rice aids exfoliates & revitalize tired-looking skin. Mix the rice powder with honey to make the scrub for the face and body. Rice is a mild yet efficient exfoliant and assists to get rid of all the dirt & dead skin cells. Read more How To Wash Face With Rice Water?


Sago or sabudana is also an exfoliating component. A thick & soft mask made from sabudana can leave the skin smooth & cleaned. One can make the face mask by cooking one tbsp of soaked sabudana in 3 tbsp of lime juice. Once cool, add 1 tsp multani mitti & 1 tbsp brown sugar to it. The thick, soft mask can be massaged smoothly into the skin & also has applied as a face pack.

Sea salt:

The minerals present in the sea salt deep clean, moisturize & promote the cell growth. Sea salt can be combined with olive or almond oil to make the scrub for dry skin. The salt exfoliates as well as increases blood circulation, and the base oils help moisturize the skin. Read on Health benefits of Black Salt

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