Five important Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency

Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A has considered as an essential vitamin that plays a vital role in supporting the skin health, the vision, & in promoting the immune system of your body. People who do not consume proper additions of vitamin A lead to suffering from vitamin A deficiency. Below explained are Five important Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency.

Vitamin A should be considered in the right quantities because low levels of this vitamin may result in various problems of the health during high doses of vitamin A can cause hair loss, vomiting & poor appetite. Vitamin A deficiency is not safe & healthy for your body & hence people should have a very clear idea regarding vitamin A deficiency symptoms so that the treatment can procure as soon as feasible. The primary symptoms are as follows:

Below explained are Five important Deficiency Symptoms of Vitamin A:

Eye Inflammation

As vitamin A has considered being critical for the health of your eyes, the insufficiency of this vitamin A can cause the eye inflammation. The eye inflammation that has caused because of vitamin A and its deficiency can also impair the tissues & the eyelids and may also involve corneal inflammation.

Symptoms of Vitamin A DeficiencyNight Blindness

Night blindness is the primary symptom that had linked with lack of vitamin A. People who suffer from vitamin A deficiency point to lose their vision at night or in the dim light. Their eyes do not appear to work in conditions of decreased illuminations.

Such people have a healthy vision throughout the day, but this is the situation that doesn’t stay for a pretty long time. Consistently, individuals with the lack of vitamin A lead to lose their vision ultimately leading to permanent blindness and hence it is critical to treat this symptom in its beginning stage.

Changes in Skin

One of the most notable lack of vitamin A symptoms are the variations in the skin that had noticed in the skin. The surface can receive dry or rough as of Vitamin A deficiency. Scaly & dry skin along with the sense of itchiness can cause due to the deficiency of vitamin A in the body.

The layers of skin located on the soles & the palms also make thickened & dry. Goose pimples that had called as the follicle start seeing on the thighs & the upper arm supported by the buttocks, the back abdomen, & the shoulders. The skin is not ready to secrete properly because the sweat glands had blocked with keratin.

Changes in Alimentary Tract

The dry skin in the human being dries up which happens in no digestive juices remaining secreted by the track & at the same time no retention leading to infections of intestines & even diarrhea. It is also one of an essential vitamin A deficiency symptoms that people want to remain conscious. It is a sign that survives unnoticed by people as of the fact that diarrhea & intestine infections can also cause because of the consumption of unhealthy food.

Changes in Respiratory Tract

The wall of organs that had used for respiration like the throat, the bronchi, the nose, and the traches become rough & dry. Adults and children change suffer from the infections of a dry skin track because of this condition.

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