5 Natural remedies to get pregnant fast

5 Natural remedies to get pregnant fast

Infertility can be worrisome. Home remedies are available for fast pregnancy. They are worth trying out. Nutrition does play an important role in fast pregnancy.

Infertility is a rising problem of present times. It can be a trying time for a woman who does not pregnant so easily. For fast pregnancy, home remedies can be very useful.

1. Get Proper Nutrition to Conceive Naturally

The body knows best when to get pregnant. And if it lacks the required nutrition, the body will never allow a person to get pregnant. One must get the essential fats and proteins that are required to conceive naturally. Often, in order to lose weight, women start having low fat, high fiber diet. It is important to have carbs, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins as these are essential to the body in order to produce hormones essential for a pregnant woman.

2. Eat good sources of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not bad at all. They are essential foods for one’s body needs, not only for conceiving but also for the basic functioning of the body. One needs to separate good from the bad. Avoid bad sources of carbohydrates such as sugar, grains and processed foods. Have it from vegetables, fruits, and starchy sources.
• Sweet potatoes
• Potatoes
• Taro root
• Squash
• Other vegetables
• Chickpeas
• Bananas and mangoes
• Other fruits (all fruits are sources of carbohydrates too)
• Legumes

5 Natural remedies to get pregnant fast

3. Have Healthy Fats

Fat is also good. Our body does require fats, especially saturated fat. This is essential for the body to keep functioning. Sufficient saturated fat means does reduce levels of lipoprotein that may otherwise, give rise to heart disease. Good fat is also required to keep the bones healthy because saturated fat is essential for calcium absorption. The liver, lungs, brain, nerves, immune system, all need fats to function. In order to ensure a fast pregnancy, home remedies can be had.

When a woman wants to conceive, fatty acids help regulate hormones, increase the blood flow towards the uterus, reduce sensitivity to a hormone called prolactin (it suppresses ovulation), increase egg white cervical mucus (it assists the sperm reach the egg) and keeps ovulation cycle normal. In order to settle for a fast pregnancy, home remedies can be considered.

Have fat from good sources though, such as from the following:
• Coconuts and coconut oil
• Olives and olive oil
• Butter
• Grass-fed meats
• Eggs
• Avocado
• Nuts
In an attempt to have fats, avoid going in for fried and junk foods or refined oils. Keep it natural.

4. Get Adequate Protein

Protein is required for conception. A diet rich in proteins was said to have positive effects on the fertility of women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. When they consumed high proteins and low carbohydrates, they had better quality eggs and embryos. So, when trying to get pregnant, consume more protein and fewer carbohydrates, at least from three months before when a person plans to conceive. Get your protein from these sources:
• Poultry
• Eggs
• Lean meat
• Fish
• Dairy
• Legumes
• Nuts and seeds
• Wheatgerm

5. Eat lots of Vegetables

In normal conditions, eating up to three servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily is necessary. It is essential to have lots of vegetables and fruits while trying to conceive. One can have the following vegetables more in case one wants to get pregnant naturally:

• Dark leafy greens such as spinach, romaine, arugula, and broccoli. They are rich sources of folate, a B vitamin that improves ovulation. Leafy greens also increase libido naturally.
• Maca root increases fertility in both, men and women by boosting energy and the immune system. It does provide vital minerals and nutrients that the body needs for conception such as iron and iodine.
• Yams have a substance that stimulates ovulation and thus improves fertility.

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