Best NYX lipsticks For Fair To Dark Skin

Best NYX lipsticks

In a world where matt has replaced liquid, NYX still manages to stay at the top. It was the 20th century, which witnessed the transition from natural, rose-scented, jasmine-flavored natural lip tints to softer, lighter and more solid lipsticks which arrived in plastic and metal. These lipsticks soon grew to be the most famous household items. Young wives, to older women, from young teenagers, to flamboyant, corporate adults – every female required a lipstick to be a part of her makeup essential bag. Since it was the arrival of lipsticks which created the space for other accessories and cosmetics such as cleansers, toners, tote bags, mascara, eye liners and eye shadows – most make-up tutorials flaunt and haughtily boast how it is lipsticks which can make a woman look great, even when she isn’t feeling so. Now, though we have uncountable merchandise brands which sell innumerable lip colors, it is NYX lipsticks that always manage to steal the show to know Best NYX lipsticks.

Below are five best NYX lipsticks that are bound to be show stoppers and will always allow you to feel confident and extremely chic and stylish.

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Crème in Rome

Best NYX lipsticksThis lipstick feels like a combination of maroon and chocolate brown on a color palette. Though, when applied a little slippery, it is smoother than most lipsticks, always blending in with your original lip color. It isn’t complete matt, and thus, leaves a semi-matte, texture. Also, it goes along with almost anything – may it be formal evening wear or casual beach clothes, and thus is an uber cool buy for your everyday makeup kit. Read more about Mauve Lipstick 

2. NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt

Best NYX lipsticksUse this when you need to feel bolder and a little extraordinary. Like the name suggests, this is an excellent lip color to wear for first time events. Perhaps an art gallery opening or random waffles date with your girl best friends? Make sure to wear this to create an everlasting, dazzling appearance.

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Crème in Vancouver Application

Best NYX lipsticksAh! Another name which suggests a very mystic holiday rendezvous. This lipstick is perfect for those formal dine office events or those intriguing opera concerts. Wear it with a smoky eye shadow and some light blush and you’ll be turning heads for your exquisite look. Know more about Maroon lipstick

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Madrid Application

Best NYX lipsticksThis lip color tops the charts because of its soft, exquisite and rosy appearance. If worn on lighter shades, then you can pass it as the ideal beach wear lipstick. Also, for girls suffering from dry lips, this NYX lipstick is the best option for you.

5. NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream

Best NYX lipsticksAll fashionistas follow just one simple rule: move with the trend. Very similar to a “go with the flow mentality”, it’s important to at least give this shade a try. This lip color enthralled the fashion world when it walked the ramp. Its sheer frankness has always allowed you to feel a little bolder than you feel. Know about Coral Lipsticks shades

While you’re trying out these NYX lipsticks, do feel free to check out all the shades they have. Though, these top the list, there may be some other shades which match more with your skin tones. Otherwise, these are the best NYX lipsticks in terms of shades, textures and reliabiliify;”

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