Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, in women, is one of the most precious phases of their life. Bearing a new life within is one of the most beautiful experiences for them. You take care of yourself and the unborn baby, deciding specially what to eat and what not. There are some fruits that are a no –no during pregnancy, like raw papaya. But there are fruits that give you maximum nourishment during this phase. One of them is Guava. Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

This green/yellow fruit with a white or red pulp inside with lots of seeds is a treasure trove of nutrition and having it regularly during pregnancy has lots of health benefits.

Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

1. Rich source of vitamins – Vitamin A, B2, B9, C and E make guava a must-eat fruit during pregnancy.
2. Iron content – High in iron content this fruit is a good source if you are anemic and want to increase your blood count.
3. Lycopene – This pigment that gives guava pulp its pink color, along with Vitamin C helps fight cancer and also flush out toxins.
4. Calcium and minerals – Calcium, potassium, magnesium content in the guava is an added benefit to pregnant ladies.
5. Anti-oxidants and Anti-toxins – A good source of anti-oxidants and anti-toxins with Vitamin C help fight infections and germs.

Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy
Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Guava of During Pregnancy

The nutrition rich Guava when consumed regularly by expectant mothers helps in,

1. Immunity – The green skin of guava is a rich source of Vitamin C, which provides immunity to both the mother and the unborn baby.
2. Digestion – Rich in fiber, regular guava consumption helps digestion and relieves constipation, which is common in expectant mothers.
3. Baby’s nervous system – Folic acid (Vitamin B9) in guava nourishes the brain and nervous system of the growing fetus. Guava is rich in vitamin B 9 and thus makes it a super fruit that mum to be’s can safely consume.
4. Eyesight – Vitamin A in the fruit not only improves mother’s eyesight, but also the baby’s. Eating guavas during pregnancy is said to improve your child’s vision.
5. Reduces chances of Diabetes and Hypertension – Guava regulates blood sugar level and also controls the blood pressure, thus preventing gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy. It also controls levels of blood cholesterol.
6. Oral Health – Due to the high level of Vitamin C guava prevents toothache, bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. Pregnant women must take care of their dental health as tooth filling is abstained from, during pregnancy.
7. Glowing skin – A good source of vitamin E and anti-oxidants, guava makes the skin healthy and glowing. Even on a day that you are tired you will look fresh and vibrant! What’s more? The anti-oxidants fight the damage caused by free radicals on the skin!


• Guava should be consumed in moderation as excess intake may lead to diarrhea. Eat no more than 2 or 3 slices a day, and that will give your body the nutrients the fruit is rich in.
• Ripe fruits are recommended as raw and hard guava may lead to toothache. You can allow for the fruit to ripen a little and sprinkle a bit of salt and chilli powder and eat! It will be softer and just as delish as the raw ones!

The biggest benefit of guava is its high content of Vitamin C. One ripe guava contains about 16 milligram of Vitamin C, which is more than the daily supplement of an adult man or woman.

Guava is best eaten raw. It can also be added to vegetable and fruit salads. Guava juice is very tasty, but lacks in fiber found in the whole fruit. Guava jam and jelly is available in the market, but health wise, especially for expecting mothers, guava fruit eaten as it is, is the best option as the nutrition level is at its maximum.

The above are the Health Benefits of Guava During Pregnancy

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