Spinach supplement good for muscle strength

Spinach supplement good for muscle strength

Spinach is good for health and must be part of one’s regular diet. Eating healthy is a must and spinach does ensure that. It improves muscle strength.
New research has focused upon the potential of spinach extract as an enhancer of athletic performance. The active compound in spinach extract does significantly improve muscle strength. Spinach supplement may increase muscle strength

Spinach does contain an extract that could boost athletic performance. It is therefore very good for better performance in sports. It provides require strength and energy.
Rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron, spinach is indeed referred to as a “superfood.”
Spinach has several health benefits, such as keeping cancer at bay, prevention of asthma, lowering blood pressure levels and also aiding and helping those with diabetes as they can manage their condition.

New research does look at another potential benefit of the plant, although the study does examine an extract from spinach in the form of a dietary supplement rather than the food itself.
Efforts have been examined the effect of ecdysterone on athletic performance and muscle strength. This is the reason why spinach supplements may increase muscle strength.

Ecdysterone is the main compound in spinach extract. It is a phytosteroid — it rather happens to be a steroid that does occur naturally in plants and also belongs to a class called phytosterols, which are structurally quite similar to cholesterol. In other words, this means spinach supplement may increase muscle strength

Ecdysteroids do have several beneficial effects. Ecdysterone does increase protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. Ecdysterone is indeed more potent than other steroids banned in sports, such as methandienone.

Spinach supplement good for muscle strength

Efforts have been on to study ecdysterone as well as muscle strength
Prof. Parr and his team carried out a double-blind study involving 46 young athletes.

The researchers divided them into two groups: one that had received spinach extract (the intervention group) and another that had received a placebo. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew what they were taking, and the intervention lasted for 10 weeks.

The people in the intervention group did receive different doses of ecdysterone containing supplements to ascertain their effects on performance enhancement.

The scientists did take blood as well as urine samples and also analyzed them for ecdysterone as well as potential biomarkers of performance enhancement. They also did comprehensive screening for prohibited performance thus enhancing substances.

Higher muscle mass and better performance:

Results did reveal that the participants who did take ecdysterone had rather significantly higher increases in muscle mass. In vitro experiments do replicate the findings. Prof. Parr and colleagues did show that ecdysterone interacts with the estrogen receptor beta. The tests also do reveal significant increases in one-repetition bench press performance.
However, the blood, as well as urine tests, displayed no signs of liver or kidney toxicity.


It is good to eat spinach as it provides one much energy and consists of several health benefits. Healthy eating is good and one needs to consume more vegetables and fruits. It is advisable to include spinach in one’s diet.

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