How To Get Rid Of Blemishes ?

How To Get Rid Of Blemishes

Skin Blemishes spoil the looks. Maximum of the teenagers will have acne & skin blemishes on their face at any point in time as their lives. Several of adults also have facial blemishes. You will notice in this post the efficient methods regarding How To Get Rid Of Blemishes ? from face & have free from blemish.

What Are Blemishes ?

Blemishes are skin imperfections like pigmentation marks acne marks, and dark spots. Blemishes have usually caused by oil-clogged pores & stress. Read on to understand how to eliminate skin blemishes from the face & elsewhere.

1. Prevention is better than cure:

The best method to get rid of blemishes is to prevent the skin blemishes from happening in the first place. Begin treating acne, blackheads, & whiteheads as soon as you notice them occurring . Do not prick acne or pimples or try to extract blackheads or white heads forcefully.

2. Day to Day Skin Care:

Clean your face regularly with a mild cleanser that is good for solving the skin problems like too much of oil, blackheads, dryness, & white heads. Avoid applying harsh scrubs as they exacerbate acne.

3. Avoid too much of sun exposure:

Sun rays provoke acne & that may cause blemishes. To decrease damage from the sun, use a good sunscreen with at least SPF 15 on the exposed skin patches when you go out during the sun.

4. Calamine Lotion:

Rub gently calamine lotion on your face or wherever the skin blemishes are. Calamine lotion helps in absorbing excess oil from the skin and thus results in removing the skin blemishes, including facial blemishes. Apply calamine lotion as frequently as needed.

How To Get Rid Of Blemishes5. Ice Compressing:

Take the piece of the ice cube & covering it up in a clear washcloth. Position the wrapped ice cube on your skin blemishes for about 5 minutes. This exercise will cool your skin blemishes and decrease inflammation. Apply this process as soon as you see the blemish looking to get rid of the swelling and redness.

6. Lemon Juice, Honey, and Turmeric Powder:

Make a fine paste with a little bit of lemon juice, honey, & a bit of turmeric powder. Use this paste smoothly over the skin blemishes regular. This is a great tip regarding how to get rid of blemishes.

7. Sandalwood Paste:

Combine sandalwood paste with the little of rosewater & glycerin. Use on skin blemishes on the face or where they are. Sandalwood is a great old-fashioned time home remedy in keeping the acne free, skin clear, & blemish free.

8. Potato:

Rub potato on your skin blemishes to decrease pigmentation marks. Alternatively, one can use potato juice on blemishes on your face or where they are to lighten the pigmentation scars. This is the best tip regarding how to eliminate blemishes.

9. Papaya and Milk:

Grind raw papaya and add a little-unboiled milk within it. Massage this mix on the face to lessen pigmentation marks & all varieties of skin blemishes.

10. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera gel is the time tested the home remedy for getting rid of your skin blemishes on face & other regions. One can combine 3 to 4 vitamin E capsules in Aloe Vera Gel to make this home remedy further sufficient to eliminate skin blemishes, comprising facial blemishes.

11. Tomato Juice:

Use tomato juice to the skin pigmentation scars, a natural home remedy to exclude skin blemishes from the face and elsewhere.

12. Almond Oil:

Almond oil is the different natural home remedy to eliminate skin blemishes on face & from other body sections.

13. Orange Peels:

Dice the orange peels in water & apply this face pack on the face to eliminate skin blemishes comprising acne scars & acne as well.

14. Carrots:

Use mashed carrots paste on your skin blemishes or as another option apply carrot juice to reduce the skin blemishes from your face & elsewhere.

To have the blemish free skin follow earlier remedies for getting rid of skin blemishes fast comprising facial blemishes. If the skin blemishes still insist after using above explained natural home remedies, we suggest you consult the dermatologist to treat the skin blemishes.

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