15 Revealing Facts about Christian Bale

15 Revealing Facts about Christian Bale

Christian Bale movies are popular and Christian Bale Oscar has been awarded for his smart acting. Christian Bale awards do show his versatility as an actor.

It is interesting to know more about Christina Bale and naturally by highlighting facts about him, we come to know him as a person of many talents. Christian Bale awards are many to take note of as his performance has been spectacular.

1. Early Crush

He did admit that he had a crush on twelve-year-old Drew Barrymore when she visited her godfather Steven Spielberg on the set of Empire of the Sun. He was thirteen.

2. TV Appearance

Bale’s film debut happens to be in the made-for-TV movie Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna in 1986. Christian Bale movies are very popular.

3. Big Screen Debut 

More than 4,000 kids did audition for the role of Jim Graham in Empire of the Sun but Steven Spielberg preferred Bale for the role, which turned out to be the latter’s big-screen debut.

4. Teen Spirit

Bale acted in the musical films Newsies as well as Swing Kids, the latter being a film dealing with teenagers who secretly heard forbidden jazz in the years before WWII, and the former being a film that Bale hates.

5. It is Nazi Enough!

Steven Spielberg did make it a point to visit Bale on the Newsies set as he was also in Germany filming Schindler’s List.

6. Blazic Marital Knot

Bale happens to meet his wife, Sandra ‘Sibi’ Blazic, via Winona Ryder. His wife was Ryder’s former personal assistant.

7. Losing a Prestigious Role

He did audition for Titanic in the role of Jack but narrowly lost it to Leonardo DiCaprio.

8. Loss of Roles

Bale auditioned for the role of Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl but in fact, lost that role to Orlando Bloom.

9. Secured Role

Bale was selected by Bret Easton Ellis to play the lead role of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, which he initially lost to Leonard DiCaprio, but got it back after DiCaprio left to do the film The Beach.

9. Self-Destructive

He was warned that taking the lead role in American Psycho would be bad for his career, but yet he carried on with it.

10. Inspiration by actor

For his performance as Patrick Bateman, he got much inspiration from Nicolas Cage, paying much attention to Cage’s performance in 1988’s Vampire King. Nicolas Cage, of course, is in fact an actual vampire who has been with everybody since the Civil War, if not longer. It is indeed for real.

11. Role of James Bond Chance

Bale almost managed to win the role of James Bond in the film Casino Royale but then lost it to Daniel Craig. It is a good happening as knowing Bale and his desire to be totally committed, the scene where Bond gets rather repeatedly hit in the groin by the villains would have been even very uncomfortable.

12. Death Challenging Role

In the film Equilibrium, Bale does play John Preston, an elite law enforcer in a rather dystopian society.

15 Revealing Facts about Christian Bale

13. Dieting for Role

To act as Trevor Reznik in The Machinist, Bale did lose 63 pounds, by eating one can of tuna and a single apple per day.

14. Goal Weight

Fresh off The Machinist, Bale gained 100 pounds in six months to be able to play a muscular Batman in Batman Begins and then hid most of it under a big suit.

15. Weight Conscious

He in fact holds the record for most weight loss and also most weight gained for film roles.

Christian Bale Oscar has been on account of his talent as an actor.


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