7 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

7 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

An unhappy relationship means there is mutual respect among the partners and signs of an unhappy relationship like lack of gratitude do indicate a breakup.

How does a person know that he or she is in an unhappy relationship and what should be done about it?

When are there signs of an unhappy relationship? 

When couples are in a relationship for a long time then, there are no barriers between each other.

The tendency to be too casual is there and thus get into a rut. Being in a rut means no romance is therein and there is a lack of respect and appreciation.

The relationship gets into rough waters and thus turns out to be an unhealthy relationship.

Couples pretend to be happy.

1. Spending more time with friends and family than with one’s partner

The first and major indicator of an unhappy relationship is the amount of time spent together with the partner.

In case a person is spending more time with friends and family than with the partner, then it does imply something is wrong. Partners in the relationship avoid each other.

They are not drawn to each other anymore.

2. There are no conflicts in the relationship

In a happy relationship, there are conflicts and disagreements and couples make up with each other in a loving manner. They cajole each other after an argument.

In other words, every healthy relationship does consist of conflicts and arguments to a certain extent.

Avoiding any sort of arguments, means couples do not care for each other feelings anymore.

3. Date nights are no longer existent

Several dating coaches, relationship experts, and psychotherapists do state the importance of maintaining date nights when couples are in a relationship.

As couples get casual about each other they forget to nourish date nights and to surprise each other. They tend to focus on more important things. In case couples are unable to recall their last date night then the relationship is not in good stead.

Date nights help reconnect, boost passion and intimacy.

4. Constantly criticizing each other

At the beginning stage of dating couples are tolerant of each other but with time this sort of changes.

When couples are together for some time, then they become aware of each other’s personality traits and if they start criticizing each other then the relationship is in murky waters. In other words, it is an unhappy relationship. Partners get irritated with each other.

7 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

5. Lack of intimacy

Lack of intimacy does cause an unhappy relationship.

Being intimate means being connected, building trust, and strengthening the relationship. Any lacking this causes friction between the couples.

If a partner starts to make excuses like having a headache then it indicates a lack of interest in the relationship.

This happens due to a lack of mutual respect, passive-aggressive behavior, and controlling one’s behavior, and so forth.

6. Lack of gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful force in the universe and it attracts positivity in one’s life.

A partner being grateful means caring for the s feelings and sentiments of his or her other partner.

In case there is a lack of gratitude in the relationship, then it leads to unhappiness in the relationship.

When couples do not appreciate the big things or even the little things that they do for each other, then the is a lack of love for each other.

7. Feeling lonely in the relationship

A relationship should mean couples are in love with each other; in case one of them is feeling lonely then it is an unhappy relationship.

It means there is a lack of important factors such as reciprocity, respect, and mutual effort, which does create a happy relationship. A sense of isolation is felt. A person feels lonely as there is nobody who would listen to him or her. A feeling of insecurity prevails.

The person withdraws and enters into a labyrinth of over-thinking and daydreaming about somebody nicer to be with. The desire for such a person is felt and the tendency to interact with strangers develops.


Thus signs of an unhappy relationship tell whether to continue in the relationship or not.

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