12 Things Not Known About Lily Collins

12 Things Not Known About Lily Collins

Lily Collins movies are very popular and the actress has done well indeed, Lily Collins’s age is not much when compared to her achievement.

Lily was known for her role in Emily in Paris and was by then holding a Golden Globe nominee. She is the daughter of a rock star, and an accomplished journalist as well. Lily Collins movies have brought her into much limelight.

What there is to know about Lily Collins?

  1. Collins happens to be the daughter of musician Phil Collins and his second wife, Jill Tavelman. They got divorced in 1996. Via her father’s other marriages, Collins has four other half-siblings, including Simon as well Joely Collins.

2. She is bidialectal

After shifting to Los Angeles, Collins was much bullied on account of her British accent. On account of this, she adopted an American accent which she still has today. However, she can indeed easily slip back into her old speech, which she made use of in the film Love, Rosie.

 3. She was a debutante

In 2007, Collins indeed made her debut into society at the Bal des débutantes in Paris wearing a Chanel gown. The big night was chronicled in the episode “Paris Changes Everything” in the third season of The Hills.

4. She studied broadcast journalism at USC

After she graduated from Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, the young star then enrolled at the University of Southern California to study broadcast journalism.

5. She is a writer

Apart from her acting talents, Collins has attained much distinction as a writer. She previously wrote a column for Elle Girl known as “New York Confidential,” and has also written pieces for Seventeen, Teen Vogue, as well as the Los Angeles Times. In 2017, she published her book, Unfiltered: No Regrets, No Shame, Just me.

6. She covered the 2008 election for Nickelodeon

In 2008, Collins co-hosted Kids Pick the President on Nickelodeon, covering the United States presidential election. As a host, she did attend major events such as the Republican National Convention, where she did interview then-candidate John McCain’s daughter, Meghan.

7. Suffered from eating disorder

Similar to her character in “To the Bone,” she did suffer from an eating disorder as a teenager. She highlighted this fact in her memoir. Before the book’s release in 2017, Collins did provide a Golden Globe-nominated performance as Ellen in Netflix’s To the Bone, which does provide details of the journey of her character’s struggle with anorexia.

12 Things Not Known About Lily Collins

8. She dated Nick Jonas in 2016

Collins no doubt is a private person, Nevertheless, she did say that she date Nick Jonas in 2016. He highlighted this fact in The Sun, “We went out a couple of times. She is amazing.” Much rumor has been floating about Collins which includes her Abduction co-star Taylor Lautner and as well as her Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile co-star Zac Efron. However, Collins never really confirmed her relationship status with these men.

9. Her parents’ divorce inspired her to push for privacy

On account of the media focus on her parents’ divorce and her father’s subsequent relationships, Collins preferred to keep her personal life private. Despite being in the public eye since her youth, Collins generally does not comment on her romantic relationships.

10. She loves the outdoors

Collins virtually grew up spending her summers on Lake Geneva with her father, where he taught her how to water ski. Having mastered lake activities, Collins decided to surf. She does regularly post her outdoor activities on Instagram, which includes her recent cross-country camping trip.

11. She is engaged to Charlie McDowell

In September 2020, Collins did announce that she is engaged to director Charlie McDowell. The pair had been dating for over a year after meeting in July 2019.

12. Now, she is popular for her role in a Netflix show and has impacted the world of film by her optimistic smile and indeed much fashion sense.


Lily Collins has had an interesting career and obviously, there is much to know about her. Lily Collins’s age is not much when it comes to her achievements.

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