Shruti Haasan Beauty & Fitness Secrets

Shruti Hassan Beauty & Fitness Secrets

Shruti Haasan is known for looks and as an actor, she has carved a niche for herself in the film industry. She eats right and exercises in order to stay fit.

Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan is of course extremely talented and has really stunned her fans time and again with her diverse set of skills. As a child artist, she did sing for several films. She has done well in the Tamil and Telugu film industry with three Filmfare Awards to her credit. She set foot in Bollywood in the year 2009 with the movie Luck. Shruti Haasan, Shruti Hassan hot is no doubt a well-acclaimed actress.

Shruti has received many awards as a Best Playback Singer for many Tamil movies which do bring forth her talent as the singer of several hues. Shruti Haasan, Shruti Hassan hot has achieved a lot in the film industry.

Shruti Haasan has focused much on her health and fitness and has completely transformed her healthy physique by concentrating on property diet and regular workouts.

Shruti Haasan’s Workout Tips:

Shruti was never actually a gym freak until she was bitten by the acting bug which did force her to take her workout sessions seriously in order to maintain a healthy as well as a fit body. She does go by her running sessions and favors them for others to follow suit as it improves a person’s agility. No doubt, much stamina, endurance and strengthens the core. Other than running, Shruti does regular cardio training. Cardio exercises happen to be one of the best exercises to burn extra calories and lose weight. Her favorite way to exercise is a 45-50 minute dance session that does relieve stress while helping to lose weight. Shruti Haasan, Shruti Hassan hot ensures he stays fit to be a successful actor.

Shruti Haasan’s Diet Secrets:

• Shruti goes in for crash diets and skipping breakfast is not done by her. She does focus on the importance of nutrition and her diet is planned accordingly. She takes her meals seriously and ensures she eats healthy. She ensures to take in the right amount of nutrients, thus believing in eating healthy and does oppose the idea of starving oneself or skipping meals. Her diet is a balance between the right amount of protein as well as carbs and her meals usually consist of eggs, muesli, Idli (South Indian Cuisine), fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, salads, soups, and grilled chicken. Her two favorite foods are sushi and sambhar.

Shruti Haasan Beauty & Fitness Secrets

She does drink a lot of water as it does detoxify the body and does keep it hydrated. Her favorite beverages to hydrate herself instead of Water are coconut water and watermelon juice. Shruti Haasan’s fitness tips can be adopted easily.


Success in the film industry is not only measured in terms of acting but also one fitness level and physique stature. Shruti does swear by her running sessions and therefore recommends it to everyone.

Other than running, Shruti does go in for regular cardio training
Her diet is also taken good care of and she ensures that the right amount of nutrients is consumed to stay fit.

She prefers natural products and avoids chemicals for make-up and uses night cream and moisturizer. She likes to spend more time in out-door shoots and uses a sun-screen. She makes use of natural products such as lemon, honey, and tomato.

Shruti is indeed a talented actress and has ensured that her looks are well taken care of by proper diet and fitness program. She exercises and eats healthy and prefers outdoor shooting which does help her skin. She is beautiful and as achieved much fame on account of it. She secured for herself a prime place in the cine industry.

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