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Improve Breast Milk Supply with these superfoods

Breastfeeding is the greatest gifts that the new mother can feed to her newborn baby. Breast milk is extremely nutritious for infants, with an...


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7 Yoga Poses for Nasal Congestion

Yoga can provide relief from nasal congestion and these asanas do provide adequate comfort. Yoga being good for body functioning does get rid of sinus problems. Yoga is meant to rejuvenate and enhance the functioning of the human body. It is beneficial for those suffering from nasal congestion with itchy eyes, a running nose, and painful sinus pressure. Yoga poses, nasal congestion go hand in glove. 1. Dog Pose This is a rejuvenating stretching exercise that opens up the chest and airways. Raise the buttocks in the air by walking the legs to the front. – Make the spine straight. Keep the hands tight...

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