7 Effective Yoga Asana to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

7 Effective Yoga Asana to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Yoga asanas for hair growth are worth trying out as then it is possible to have healthy hair. It is often asked does yoga help in hair re-growth. The answer is yes.

Be it a man or woman the desire to have a head full of hair is a much-desired dream. Women, no doubt, like having gorgeous hair and hair that is thick and flowing. 

Several internal and external factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances, poor eating habits, and disorders, diseases, hair dyes, styling products, drugs, genetic disorders as well as smoking lead to hair fall. 

Earlier, hair fall was linked with a midlife crisis. It is felt that irrespective of gender, hair fall meant it was time to retire. 

Now with an increase in stress due to modern lifestyles, bad food habits, and harmful lifestyle habits such as smoking, along with genetic disorders, the age at which people are experiencing hair fall has indeed fallen drastically. Even young people are now prone to hair fall.

Yoga asanas for hair growth do prevent hair fall.

The question often raised is does yoga help in hair re-growth? 

1. Do Mukha Savasana

This one of the best yoga asanas for hair growth as it promotes blood circulation in one’s head as well as the crown region which in turn helps nourish the hair follicles. 

2. Uttanasana

This is a forward bending pose and is good for desiring a flat tummy. It promotes blood supply to one’s head and also aids in preventing hair fall helps improve the quality, thickness as well as the texture of hair.

3. Vajrasana

This happens to be a simple and easy-to-do yoga for helping hair growth. It can be done by all and sundry. It helps blood circulation in the scalp to increase and enables one’s hair follicles to grow. This asana also does help relieve bloated abs, promotes digestion, and aids in weight loss.

4. Apanasana

This is a functional yoga that helps in preventing hair loss. It also purifies the body and aids in flushing out toxins from one’s body system. It also purifies the blood and does improve the growth of hair by stimulating one’s hair follicles. It is also one of the most effective yoga exercises for back pain which helps relax the stressed muscles of the back and neck.

5. Sarvangasana

This asana does help in nourishing the thyroid gland and also helps in rushing the blood to one’s brain It is good to treat hair fall

6. Sarvangasana

This is a very beneficial yoga asana for hair growth, as a person has to touch the crown to the ground, and also helps the blood to flow to the head. Naturally, adequate blood circulation to the scalp leads to the growth of healthy and strong hair.

7 Effective Yoga Asana to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

7. Uttanpadasana

The reproductive system is also in fact indirectly linked to hair growth. A person has to raise their feet while performing this asana and therefore improves blood circulation in the pelvic area and aids in the proper functioning of one’s reproductive organs.


There is no doubt a wide range of cosmetic treatments as well as solutions for hair loss and also to promote hair growth; nevertheless, yoga is one of the best natural forms of ensuring healthy hair growth. There are so many side effects as in the case of other treatments, and easy on the budget too. 

It is there obvious that it is better to rely on natural procedures such as yoga and pranayama for promoting healthy hair and skin that are time tested for results and do not have any side effects.

These yoga asanas for hair growth are worth trying out.

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