Is obesity a disease?

Is obesity a disease
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Obesity is a health issue which several people face and they try their level best to reduce as it could lead to other health complications. Medical advice needs to be taken.

Obesity has been affecting many all over the world and is on the increase. Therefore should obesity be recognized as a disease? Obesity happens to be a health condition whereby excess body fat has accumulated to such an extent that health may indeed be adversely affected.

It is understood that nearly 200 genes influence weight, and most of these are expressed in the brain or adipose tissue. It involves body weight, fat distribution, and risk of complications which are influenced by our biological get-up. It is not an individual’s fault if one develops obesity.

Is obesity a disease
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They do indeed feel that the recent rapid increase in obesity is not on account of genetics but to an altered environment (food availability as well as cost, physical environment, as well as social factors).
Many feel that obesity happens to be self-inflicted and that the individual affected can do something about it. Healthcare professionals do feel obesity is a complex issue. It is felt that obesity is recognized as a disease.

Obesity is a chronic disease comes along with severe complications rather than a lifestyle choice and helps reduce the stigma and discrimination that is experienced by several people with obesity.
Other common diseases, like high blood pressure as well as diabetes, are managed by people and require action to be taken by them. also read: Different types of skin diseases

The opinion is held that most people with obesity will eventually develop complications and therefore obesity be recognized as a disease. It seems so that unless and until obesity is acknowledged as a disease, one cannot curb the epidemic.

By dictionary standards, obesity is considered to be a disease and requires medical attention. Obesity cannot be considered to be harmless.

Psychologically one does feel bad about it and is concerned about the health risk involved by suffering from it.

Healthcare providers can deal with it and it can be treated the natural way through diet and exercise and also via drugs and surgery.

Self-determination helps in combating obesity. Obesity is social problems are social and solutions are there. Group activity helps rather than leading an isolated life. In case, obesity is neglected it leads to complications.  There are Homeopathic Medicines for Obesity.

People believe that obesity is self-inflicted and that it is entirely the individual’s responsibility to do something about it, while healthcare professionals are indeed ill-informed on the complexity of obesity as well as what patients with obesity want.

Recognizing obesity being recognized as a chronic disease with severe complications rather than a lifestyle choice it can help reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by many people who suffer from obesity.

Obese people are very conscious about being fat and do take required medical advice to get rid of it. No doubt, apart from food, there are other underlying medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. Yet one needs to change their lifestyle and also eat healthy foods rather than fried food. Slimming down requires patience and care of course.

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