Indications of baby girl during pregnancy

Indications of baby girl during pregnancy

This title always excites everyone around the mother, including the ego. Yes, why not? After all, it is a bundle of joy in this world that adds to the members of the family. Read about Indications of baby girl during pregnancy

Adding another anniversary to celebrate each year and what is not! Well, are you really excited to have a beautiful princess and therefore look for the symptoms if you can well assume it well?

Let me tell you that we have our grandmother accounts, our beliefs or our myths with which we can always predict whether it is a princess we should welcome.

However, these are mostly myths and happen to few of them and only connect to a few others. This is mainly due to the hormonal balance or imbalance during pregnancy that differs in every woman. Also, the nature of the woman’s body as it is unique for everyone.

But still, I’m sure most of us still love to relate to the assumptions of our elder in this business. Let’s see a few of them listed here:

Position of the belly

It is said that baby girls tend to grow in the upper part because most of the time you see that the upper belly should be grown.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is also very high compared to pregnancy in babies. There is a saying that this also happens because of the hormones that the girl wears.

Chinese Calculus

By adding the age of the mother, to the number of a month she conceived, if the number is odd, decorate the room for a princess.

Cravings for food

If the mother is more spirited for sweet dishes instead of any spicy food, one can predict being the little girl.

Indications of baby girl during pregnancyHeartbeat Rate

During the ultrasound, when the doctor examines the heart rhythm of the baby of the uterus, if it is more than 140 times per minute, it is more likely to accommodate a cute baby.

Skin Acne

If you find blisters and rashes on your skin, you can expect a little girl. They also say that the little girl steals all the beauty of the mother.

Mood swings

Yes, you read it right. There will be a lot of mood swings for the woman during pregnancy with the little girl. Usually, there are always mood swings for a woman due to hormonal changes on a daily basis. However, they are said to be more and more rapid mood swings with all sorts of moods.

Sleeping position

If you feel like sleeping more towards your right side, it is said to be a little girl that can be positioned towards the left side of the belly.

Hair texture

As I mentioned earlier that old moms say that the baby girl in the womb steals the beauty of the mother, the hair becomes thin and dull. This indicates a baby girl car.

Breast size

When you see a drastic variation in size, it is expected to be a baby girl inside. Although for a baby boy, it is not even possible to change size.

Bell or graceful

If the mother should be graceful throughout pregnancy, she may also be a sign of assuming a little girl in the world.

Urine color

If the color of the urine is a dull yellow color, it is also added to the signs or symptoms of a pretty girl inside.

Well, all of the aforementioned symptoms are just myths. However, they really worked well with most women. At the same time, they did not work for a few of them.

After all, most of these changes come from the hormonal changes that every woman experiences during pregnancy. It is just that the frequency or the tendency can be more or less, which still depends on the nature of the body.

So dear beautiful ladies out there, and relatives and friends who have read this article, you can always predict who you should receive the delivery date. Still, be prepared to take advantage of the surprise visit of this new member of the family.

And ladies, be wise and happy to imagine everything you can, to welcome the new surprise in your life.

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