10 Tips to Protect Children from Cold Weather

10 Tips to Protect Children from Cold Weather

Wintertime is when families have lots of fun in cold weather. Precautions must be adhered to before going out, especially so when it comes to kids. Winter does pose several health risks (especially for children). Parents need to follow safety tips for the winter season in India. 

1. Stay Warm

Kids need to stay warm. Children can wear warm, waterproof coats along with hats, scarves as well as gloves. Children tend to lose body heat faster than adults. 

10 Tips to Protect Children from Cold Weather

2. How to Dress the Child in winter

Parents with babies along with toddlers must:

  • Adjust the winter clothes as per the children’s needs: Babies and toddlers can wear an extra layer of clothing similar to adults.
  • Keeping cold exposure to a minimum: As infants and toddlers do not have the same level of cold tolerance as adults the child needs to spend less time outside.
  • Wearing winter accessories: Warm boots, gloves or scarves, and hats need to be worn by children and babies to stay warm. 
  • Frost-nip and Frostbite: Children need to wear gloves to keep warm. 

3. Simple Way to Avoid Flu and Cold in Winter

It is a common myth that cold weather does cause colds, but it does not. Flu is due to viruses.

Children are exposed to these viruses at school and in close contact, usually via respiratory droplets as well as arms. Respiratory disease happens to be more common in Flu infections. How to keep toddlers warm in winter is true of much concern to parents.

4. Keep the Child Hydrated

Children playing outside require fluids. Even if sweat is not there, the risk of dehydration is there. Encouraging children to drink plenty of water before, during as well as after playing is good. Children happen to be at greater risk of dehydration in cold temperatures than adults. Give a child to drink lots of warm fluids like warm water, warm turmeric (Haldi) milk, coffee, as well as tea, etc.

5. Using Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen while playing indoors. Snowflakes do reflect sunlight on the face. Cover face with sunscreen and make use of a little lip balm with sunscreen on one’s lips (even when it’s cloudy outside).

6. Promotes Healthy Nutrition

Ensuring the child eats healthy food which includes all the vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants essential for strengthening the body’s defense mechanisms. Vitamin-C-rich foods such as oranges, tomatoes, melons, papayas as well as green leafy vegetables can be given. Also, water-rich foods such as onions, broccoli, cauliflower, mint, ginger, etc. are good. Serving breakfast with dried fruits such as cashews, almonds, and pistachios, which are nutritious. Honey needs to be given daily to kids at night to improve immunity. 

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7. Children Need To Exercise Regularly

Exercise strengthens the child’s immune system and protects it from colds and other illnesses. They can practice running, jogging, cycling, jumping rope, and so forth.

8. Making Children Have Fun in the Park

On a sunny wintery day, take the child to the nearest park so that he or he feels warm. Encouraging them to cycle with their friends. Competition races for them, such as running increase their energy level.

9. Encouraging Child to Play Indoors

In case of a cold and windy day, the children should be indoors. Let them play indoor games with friends such as brainpower, board games, crafts, puzzles, etc. rather than making them sit in front of the TV throughout the day.

Children can read books with tea/coffee. 

10. Follow a Sleep Routine

Sleep deprivation has severe effects on the child’s immune system. The child needs 8 hours of sleep in winter. A daily routine to wake up the child helps be whether it is school days or holidays. Waking up early and jogging in the park is good.


The child can have fun on winter days as well. Safety tips for the winter season in India help children stay warm in winter.

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