DIY Homemade Rose Water Recipe For you

DIY Homemade Rose Water Recipe

Rose water is not simply beautifully fragrant but remarkably versatile. It has the large variety of uses comprising facial toner, cooling mist, hair perfume, & linen freshener. Rose petals have edible & rosewater has the place in the culinary world also.

How to Prepare Rose Water

There are two moderately simple ways to prepare rose water at home. The simplest and fastest way is by simmering or boiling rose petals (dried or else fresh) in water. The outcome is the fragrant, rose-colored water. This way has revised beneficial for recipes & practices that will not sit around very large as it has the inadequate shelf life. Read about DIY Homemade Rose Water Recipe

The distilling process technically makes the hydrosol. It is more pretty simple to make, although slightly further time-consuming, & rose hydrosol is innocent & many more shelf shelters.

There are two various methods to make rose water, both by simmering or distillation methods. You may like to read uses of rose water

DIY Homemade Rose Water Recipe using Simmering Method


  • Dried rose petals (or fresh from the organic, pesticide-free source)
  • water
  • Saucepan with lid
  • Nut bag or various thicknesses of cheesecloth
  • Dark bottle for storage or Spraying Bottle


  1. Measure 1/4 cup of the dried rose petals into the saucepan. Use half to 3/4 cup if you are practicing fresh petals.
  2. Pour one and a half cups water into the saucepan.
  3. Cover & bring to the boil.
  4. Decrease temperature to the below setting that still provides the water to simmer.
  5. Boil till the color of the rose petals has disappeared. This simply took around 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Allow the lid on & cool thoroughly.
  7. Pour water & petals by the nut bag or cheesecloth in the dark, clear the bottle. You can apply the funnel or strain in the measuring bowl by a pour spout & then pour in the dark bottle.
  8. Store it in the refrigerator for various weeks or on the shelf for up to one week.

DIY Homemade Rose Water RecipeDIY Homemade Rose Water Recipe using Distillation Method


  • Dried rose petals or fresh from the organic, pesticide-free reference)
  • water
  • Ice cubes
  • Huge stock pot by lid
  • Clean brick (the real brick, from the house)
  • Metal bowl or the heat-safe glass bowl
  • Bark bottle for storage or Spraying Bottle


  • Place the clean brick below in the middle of the huge stock pot. We can also use the eight-quart stock pot & the average-sized brick.
  • Place the metal bowl or the heat-safe glass bowl on ahead of the brick.
  • The measure regarding one & the half cups of dried rose petals in the stock pot. Place them down on a brick forming certain not to receive any in the bowl. Use three to five cups if you are utilizing fresh petals & smoothly press them down, therefore, they are about the brick & below the metal bowl.
  • Pour water in the pot above the petals until it appears almost to the tip of the brick.
  • Change the lid & close the stock pot. This will enable the steam to accumulate & drop down to the middle of the lid & ultimately drip into the bowl.
  • Put ice on the head of the lid to support the steam to contract & finally drop in the bowl. You can put it straight on the lid & absorb the water off with the turkey baster because the ice melts or one can put an ice in the zip lock bag, therefore, it is simple to pull off & restore. You need to keep in being much steam as likely as the steam is really the rosewater.
  • Return a water to the boil & then decrease to the lowest heat possible that still enables the water to boil.
  • Substitute the ice because it melts & simmers for at least thirty minutes.
  • Eliminate from heat & allow cool thoroughly.
  • Very deliberately lift the lid therefore that none of the melted ice waterfalls in the pot.
  • Delicately pour the rosewater that has accumulated in the bowl in the dark bottle.
  • This will persist much longer at a room temperature (up to 6 months, although it does not adhere around that long in my house) though the could always store it in your refrigerator to be certain it keeps great.
  • At last little water left in the bottom of the pot. Then strain out the petals & practiced this in the batch of soap. It did not have as powerful of the smell but he could not stand the idea of throwing it out.

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