Uses Of Rose Water

Uses of rose water

Uses Of Rose Water

There are so many uses of rose water. This perfumed liquid has both medicinal uses and beauty uses. In fact rose water has been here since centuries.

It is a product of roses and contains antioxidants. It also contains several vitamins. Another fact about rose water is that it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Some people even use it to get rid of puffy eyes. It is an ingredient of many beauty recipes and that is why it is good to know about the uses of rose water.

Sun Burn

Apply a few drops of rose water on the affected area and see whether you gain relief from sun burn.


Using a toner which contains rose water comes handy when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles and acne. Ensure that the liquid doesn’t go into your eyes.

Insect Bites

Rose water is said to cure insect bites too. Apply a few drops on the skin where you have insect bites.

Removing Eye Make Up

You can use rosewater to remove your eye make up. Mix rose water and jajoba oil in equal proportions and use the mixture. This is a use of rose water for beauty care.

Face Wash

When your skin feels irritated due to pimples or acne, simply wash your face using water which contains a few drops of rose water. This might reduce the irritation. This is one of the rose water benefits.

Body OdourUses of rose water

Mix some amount of rose water to jasmine oil. Apply a few drops of this mixture on your body to get rid of body odour. This is one of the rose water uses.

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