Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid Health

Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid Health

There has been a lot of buzzes recently about the thyroid problems & the possible of coconut oil to fix them.

Coconut oil utilized to treat hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, to a large extent. But for the other thyroid difficulties, coconut oil is not that beneficial. Below explained are Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid Health.

The thyroid gland is also the biggest endocrine glands in our body. It provides the hormones thyroxine (T4) & triiodothyronine (T3). These two hormones work collectively to improve the metabolism, mood, energy levels, temperature of the body, blood pressure & heart rate. Therefore, it is necessary that this gland works accurately for the overall health.

What is the Hypothyroidism?

In mere terms, Hypothyroidism also called the underactive thyroid or low-lying thyroid it means that thyroid gland does not provide enough thyroid hormones.

Due to the low levels of the thyroid hormones, in the body is not capable of achieving the standard functions of metabolism, such as proper aid of energy from the food products, control of variable chemical reactions in the body & even sustaining of the healthy cells, bones & muscles.

Here are few of the methods that coconut oil aids treat problems associated with hypothyroidism.

1. Supports Weight Loss

Unforeseen weight gain is one main important symptom of low thyroid hormones. If a person has hypothyroidism, weight loss regime is not a secure task. It is because thyroid hormones have the straight influence on the metabolism.

Coconut oil can aid with the weight loss because of the presence of medium-chain fatty acids in it.

Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid Health2. Enhances Metabolism

Coconut oil converts fats into energy. It, in turn, supports or enhance metabolism. It also increases the basal body temperature; that is critical for those dealing with the low thyroid glands.

Also, most of the overweight or fat content in the coconut oil that is in the form of the lauric acid. When taken, the lauric acid gets changed into the monolaurin, which has antibacterial, antiviral, & antiprotozoal properties. It increases metabolism as well as immunity.

By combining extra-virgin coconut oil to the diet, you will keep the metabolism as well as the immune system very potent.

3. Combats Inflammation

Muscle & joint pain is normal for people who are suffering from treat hpothyroidism. It is due to an improvement in infection in the body because of low levels of thyroid hormone.

As coconut oil has a right effect in overcoming infection & repairing tissues, it is considered highly effective in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

4. Relieves Constipation

Low levels of the thyroid hormones slow down the functions of the body, therefore reducing the role the track of the digestive system as well, incorporating the small & large intestines.

Also, coconut oil offers to the weakening of the compression of muscles which line the gastrointestinal tract & does not let stool move quickly into the intestine, leading to constipation.

The huge amount of the medium-chain fatty acids in the coconut oil is the secret behind the constipation relief. These fatty acids give the energy required by the intestinal cells to raise their metabolism & excite the bowel movements.

5. Treats Dry & Flaky Skin

To overcome the issue of dry & itchy skin, coconut oil is extremely useful. The fatty acids in coconut oil aid restore the lost moisture & enhance the skin health.

Liberally applies heated and cooled coconut oil over the dry & itchy skin & massage for about 10 minutes. Wait for about 30 minutes, then take the bath. Do this every day.

6. Prevents Hair Loss

The lauric acid is in the coconut oil has a great affinity for hair proteins &, due to its low molecular weight & linear straight chain, it is capable of penetrating inside the hair shaft.

To treat the hair loss & other hair-related issues, apply the warm extra-virgin coconut oil to massage the scalp for about five minutes. Allow it overnight. Cleanse the hair the next morning with a smooth working shampoo. Follow this sometimes a week.

How Much Coconut Oil to Use

For the thyroid problems, one must use only coconut oil (extra-virgin). You can eat 2 – 4 tbsp per day. There are many methods to incorporate this oil into the daily diet.

  • Combine extra-virgin coconut oil to the hot tea, coffee or milk.
  • Use it in the regular cooking.
  • Combine it to smoothies & drizzle it over the salad or soup.

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