Natural tips To Prevent Hair Loss In Men

    Natural tips To Prevent Hair Loss In Men

    Hair loss has become a common problem these days. Both men and women suffer from the hair loss. Though, the rate and harshness of hair loss is more in men. It is normal to lose 100 strands of hair per day but when it is more than this then it is a matter of concern.

    Have a look at some of the natural tips to prevent hair loss in men.

    Antioxidant Potential:

    Certain fruits & vegetables had stuffed with the antioxidants, which are the principal protecting mechanisms of a body against free militants. Some of the situations that free extremists can cause involve premature aging & the death of skin cells, comprising those of a scalp. Hence, fruits & vegetables like avocados, orange juice, bananas, lemon juice, & honey can always be used to the hair, utilized in the form of a little clean. These different pulps can instantly boost the hair’s growth possible.

    Black Pepper:

    Mixing the few tsp of black pepper with the yogurt can be a fine paste for the hair. Combine the two collectively well & rub it into the hair as you would a regular shampoo. Wash it out after the few minutes, & then rinse it out with the mild shampoo.

    Vitamin H Hair Loss

    Natural tips To Prevent Hair Loss In MenVitamin H is also known as biotin is a major vitamin whose deficiency can cause the hair loss and weak nails This vitamin makes the hair strong and prevents hair fall. The sources of biotin are eggs, peanuts, curd, liver, salmon, cheese etc. You can also have the supplements of biotin as a tablet or capsule.

    Include Proteins In Your Diet

    Poor diet has a bad crash on the hair. You must include proteins in the diet for Onion extract and to prevent the hair loss. Have legumes, pulses, meat, chicken, soy, milk, and eggs as a source of proteins.

    Massage Your Scalp With the Essential Oils

    Essential oils are not oily and get absorbed into the scalp easily. They help in the growth of new hair and prevent the hair loss. Essential oils for hair growth are lavender oil and sesame oil.

    Yoghurt or curd And Egg Pack

    Mix ½  cup of Onion extract with 1 egg to make a paste. Gently massage on the scalp. This will not only reduce the hair fall but also removes dandruff. This is one of best home remedies for hair loss in the males.

    Onion Juice

    Onion extract helps in the hair grown and will make the hair strong. Boil 2 to 3 onions for 1 hour. Strain the water and cool it. Later wash you hair with this onion extract. This is among the best natural tips to prevent hair loss in men.

    Garlic Paste

    Use garlic for hair fall treatment in men at home. Make the paste of few garlics by grinding them. Massage this paste quietly on the bald patches or the areas of scalp where hair loss is more. This will help to regrow the hair.

    Apply Green Tea

     Make green tea as normal and then let it cool. Wash your hair with it with gentle rubbing of scalp. Later after 20 minutes rinse your hair with the mild shampoo. This is among the best natural hair loss treatment for men.

    Avoid Smoking

     Smoking restricts the blood flow to scalp and results in the hair loss. It can also damage your hair and cause hair loss.

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