Health Benefits Of White Onions

Health Benefits Of White Onions

Health Benefits Of White Onions

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Onions would definitely make you cry, but it is a rich store house of nutrients. Onions are expected part of Indian cooking recipes. According to researchers, white onions are super-healthy with vitamin-c, flavonoids, & phytonutrients.

Flavonoids, present in onions would lower the risk of some diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke & cardiovascular diseases. Other than these, onions also contain fiber, folic acid, anti oxidants & anti bacterial agents.

Among other allium vegetables, onions are healthier. Intake of white onion is good for health in both raw & cooked forms. It is said that farming of onions has been there since 5000 BC. Even doctors of 16th century prescribed onions for many diseases like infertility on women.

Cholera & plague can also be prevented with these white onions. In recent researches, it is found that onion has the power to balance the blood sugar levels. Other than the medicinal contributions, white onions are also tasty & are used for many culinary across the world.

There are 3 types of onions, red, white and yellow. Here, we will discuss some of the health benefits of white onions.

Health Benefits Of White OnionsHealthy Heart:

One of the health benefits of white onions is that it is effectual for heart problems. By consuming onions you can keep your blood free of clots.

Prevents Cancer:

Cancer can be prevented by quercetin, which is an anti-cancer agent found in onions. Researchers say that consumption of onions may lower the risk of many cancers.

Thins The Blood

Health Benefits of white onions comprise thinning of blood. It has agents like flavonoids & sulphur that helps in thinning of blood. This is one of the health benefits of white onions.


Improving the power of immune system of the body is one of the health benefits of white onions. These white onions help to decrease the allergic reactions.

Digestive System:

Most important health benefits of white onions are that it is very effectual for a proper digestion. It also prevents diarrhoea & reduces gastric ulcers.

Regulates the Blood Sugar:

According to the recent study, contents like chromium & sulphur in white onions helps to control blood sugar & lowers blood sugar.

Enhances Bone Density:

One of the health benefits of white onions is that it improves bone density in older women. Women who consumed more onions will have more bone density.

Healthy Hair:

Onions are good for the healthy hair. From the ancient times, onions are used to enhance the texture of hair. It is also good for scalp health.

Relief From Cold:

It is said that Roman emperors used onions when they were affected by cold. Nowadays some medicines for cold have onion extracts.

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