Affect of Crash Diets To Your Skin

Affect of Crash Diets To Your Skin

Affect of Crash Diets To Your Skin

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You might love dieting because it might makes you slimmer. But what about the quality of the skin? Does crash diet affect skin? Yes, some foods are good for the skin & some might not be so good but lack of sufficient food can drastically affect the quality of your skin, nails and even hair too.

How does dieting affect the skin? Well, if the new diet is carefully planned by the dietitian then you might get a balanced diet that takes care of all the necessary nutrients that keep you healthy. But if it is just a trendy-crazy-diet then the skin might suffer a bit due to the lack of nutrients. Dieting & skin are related because the skin too requires food as fuel to develop itself & maintain itself.

So, does diet affect skin? There is no doubt that it affects skin in many ways. Carefully planning the diet is the key here. Stay away from sudden changes in your diet. Always consult your doctor before you change anything about the life.

Affect of Crash Diets To Your SkinYour Skin requires Nutrients

In order to stay healthy, your skin requires some nutrients too. The skin wants care both externally and internally. If your cosmetics take care of the external side, your food must take care of the internal support.

Your Skin Needs Sleep

When you suddenly change the diet, the quality of the sleep gets affected. This affects the skin as your skin fails to revitalize itself every night.

Your Skin wants Stress-free Life

When you suddenly have nothing to eat yourself or make radical changes to the diet or lifestyle, you may undergo some level of stress; this damages your skin more.

Your Skin, Nails And Hair Get Affected

What happens the moment cut your calorie intake? Well, the body will get depressed of some nutrients that are required for skin maintenance & regeneration. Hair loss, dry skin & dry nails are nothing but signs of malnutrition in some of the people.

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