7 Foods To enhance Platelet Count

Foods to enhance platelet count

7 Foods To enhance Platelet Count

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Low platelet count is frequently seen in patients suffering from the serious medical conditions such as cancer & genetic disorders. Although, low platelet count is also common in pregnancy and a variety of viral infections. Sometimes, high consumption of alcohol can also lower the platelet count.

It is very important for our body to have the normal platelet count because of its coagulating action during injuries & surgeries. Platelets clot the blood with the help of blood proteins & vitamins. Medically, the process of blood coagulation is called thrombosis & low platelet count condition is called thrombocytopenia.

If the platelet count is found to be lower than one lakh fifty thousand per microliter, it is a condition of thrombocytopenia. People having less platelet count are normally asked to be on prescribed medication. Although it is also recommended to raise platelet count naturally by including a variety of foods to enhance platelet count in diet.

Overall, food plays an very important role in improving our health. Just the method consuming unhealthy foods can get worse our health, there are many healthy nutritious food which can increase our health significantly.

Low platelet count can lead to fatality therefore, it would be wise not to ignore & cure it on time. Let us take a sight on some of the best foods that enlarge platelet count. All these foods are easily available but we need to realize their value.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are filled with nutrients & one such nutrient is vitamin K, which helps to platelets in clotting process. In fact, lower level of vitamin k can hamper in proper clotting as the proteins in blood- fibrinogen need this vitamin to perform this activity efficiently.

Foods to enhance platelet countAntioxidants

One fruit which is rich in the antioxidants is Papaya. It has shown its efficiency in curing dengue fever. Juice from the fruit & its leaves can raise platelet count very quickly. Papaya is considered as one of the best foods that enhance platelet count.

Vitamin C

Have foods that are rich in vitamin C such as broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers and a variety of citrus fruits like oranges & lemons. Vitamin C if taken every day can raise the platelet count considerably. mainly, the gooseberries also known as Amla in India are rich source of vitamin C.


Amongst all foods that enhance the platelet count, foods that are good sources of calcium are also essential for effective clotting. The best source of calcium is milk and other dairy products such as curd, cottage cheese. Dry fruits such as almonds & walnuts are also good calcium sources.

Low Fat Meat

Platelet counts are enhanced by consuming protein rich foods such as fish & low fat meat. Since they are great source of vitamin b-12 & zinc, the overall immune system along gets enhanced & the platelet count increases. All sorts of fish and lean meat are considered to be very vital foods that increase platelet count.

Wheat Grass

There are many outstanding health boosters whose value may not be known to us such as benefits of wheat grass. Platelet count can be raised remarkably by every day consumption of wheat grass juice.

Folic Acid

Another important reason of low platelet count is deficiency in folic acid, mostly recorded in pregnant women. Its levels can be raised naturally by including folic acid rich foods that enlarge platelet count. Some common sources are a variety of lentils, chickpeas, cereals.

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