Best Fruits for Healthy Hair Growth

Fruits for healthy hair

Best Fruits for Healthy Hair Growth

A healthy diet not simply nourishes the body and helps you get through the day, but it also helps you look the best. Your appearance — from the posture to your teeth, nails, hair and skin — all reflect the quality of the diet. Eating fruit in balance — 1.5 cups regular for women or 2 cups for men, suggests the U.S. Department of Agriculture — makes up the balanced diet that benefits your looks. Some fruits provide an exceptionally rich source of hair-healthy nutrients, so reach for these fruits if you want to grow healthy hair.

Given below are top 8 fruits for healthy hair growth. They can work wonders for your hair:


Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C that is a necessary ingredient for healthy & shiny hair. Along with its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C also contributes to producing skin collagen & retaining Vitamin A & E. On the other side it is the storehouse for Vitamin C; oranges are also rich in beta-carotene, flavonoids and magnesium that improve hair growth.

Fruits for healthy hairApples:

An apple per day not only keeps the doctor away but is also a natural remedy for the hair growth. Besides being a sweet and delicious fruit, apples are the most natural hair growth boosters. It is the presence of phenolic compound and biotin in apple skin that strengthens the roots and improve hair growth naturally.


Strawberries have always been the most asked after fruit by health and beauty enthusiasts for their nutrient power. They are an excellent source of silica that works as an essential component to check hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Also with, strawberries also provide Vitamin B and C that aid in strengthening hair.


Bananas have always been a key constituent of a healthy diet. Besides providing instant energy & ensuring overall well-being, it is also the best fruit for hair growth. Bananas have loaded with potassium and a variety of other minerals like pectin, fibre and magnesium to name a few. These vital nutrients in this wonder fruit ensure that every single strand of your hair is strengthened from within, thus preventing hair loss.


Pineapple is a common tropical fruit that has loaded with vitamin C and known worldwide for its health benefits. It has properties to ease digestion and combat other illness & disease in the body. Pineapple is also an excellent source of beta-carotene that has then converted into Vitamin A in our body. Adequate Vitamin A helps provide essential oils that enhance scalp health.


Since ancient time’s grape seed oil have been used mainly to prevent hair fall and improve scalp health. Besides, grapes are also a great source of hair care vitamins, antioxidants, & minerals. The high water content in this fruit also detoxifies our body & prevents hair fall.


Also known as “Persian Apple”, peaches are the natural hair growth promoters. Biotin, the natural hair growth steroid, is found in abundance in peaches. Besides, peach kernel oil & leaves are also used widely to enhance hair growth and strength.

Eat daily these fruits and get healthier and shiny hair. Including these fruits daily can help to grow hair long and fast.So these are the few fruits for healthy hair growth.

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