Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Foods that cause hair loss

Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Now a days hair loss has become a common issue. Normally we lose 100 hair strands per day. That is normal  and  are replaced immediately by new hair. Although when the hair fall gets unmanageable it becomes a problem.

Hair is the main asset of one’s personality . Loss of hair will ruin your overall look. It will also decrease your self-esteem and you will start avoiding social gatherings.

Have a look at some foods that cause hair loss.

Fried Foods

Excessive intake of fatty and fried foods should be avoided as they may cause hair loss. They contain saturated fatty acids and Trans fats that may cause hormonal imbalance and thus hair loss.


Excessive intake of coffee can cause hair loss as it may keep you alert resulting in less sleep. Sleeplessness is an important trigger of hair loss.

Sugar-Free Foods

Zero calorie sugars or foods made from ‘sugar free’ contain a chemical substance called aspartame (artificial sweetener) which causes thinning of hair and hair loss.

Packaged Foods

They are laden with preservatives, artificial colours and flavours that can cause many health issues including hair loss. A colour namely cochineal extract or carmine dye extracted from dried bugs causes severe hair loss.

Refined Foods

Foods such as cakes, white breads, cookies etc made from refined flour cause hair loss. These foods cause sharp increase in blood sugar levels which can trigger stress and cause hair loss. Moreover, these foods lack nutrients that can make your hair weak leading to hair loss.

Eating Unhygienic Food

They may contain harmful bacteria which causes typhoid and other food-borne diseases. These diseases can cause hair fall. Avoid having unhygienic street foods to protect yourself from the diseases and hair loss.

Foods that cause hair loss

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