Why Women Should Eat More Chocolates

Why Women Should Eat More Chocolates

Chocolate is tasty and a admire worthy gift that almost every women receives from their loved ones on every occasion as women treasure chocolates. There is also a very healthy reason behind this, that is eating chocolates keeps women in their best state of the health.

Neither do chocolates cause the skin problems nor do they increase the weight. They are certainly used for facials to get the glowing and healthy skin. Chocolates are best for the heart as they also help to decrease the cholesterol level.

Have a look at some of the health benefits of chocolates for women or healthy reasons Why Women Should Eat More Chocolates.

Prevents Pregnancy Complication

 A research has shown that eating chocolate during the time of pregnancy prevents the risk of high blood pressure complication called as preeclampsia by 70%. Chocolates contain a compound called as theobromine which is responsible for preventing this common pregnancy complication.

Improves Post-Menopausal Symptoms

Chocolates help to release happy chemicals from the brain called as endorphins which help to ease stress during the menopause. It improves the mood swings as it is rich in the magnesium. This is one of the best health benefits of dark chocolates.

Water Retention

Water retained in hands and feet is also a symptom of menopause due to the hormonal inequity. Eating chocolates help to clear the fluid preservation from the body and alleviates swelling as chocolates contain the theobromine.

Relieves the Menstrual Pain

Eating chocolates during periods helps to get rid of pain as chocolates contain caffeine which is the best pain killer. You can also have hot chocolate shave to relieves all menstrual symptoms such as pain and heavy bleeding. This is among the best uses of chocolates for women.

Helps In the Weight Loss

 A study has shown that eating dark chocolates helps you to stay slim. People who ate chocolates are at lesser risk of becoming obese. Women who ate chocolate after their delivery of a baby can easily lose weight.


Why Women Should Eat More ChocolatesWomen mostly have low energy levels due to many obstetric health issues. Eating chocolates boosts them with high energy levels that are needed during the days of delivery, menstruation and heavy periods.

Very Nutritious

Chocolate supplies all the nutritional needs of women. It is rich in iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. All these nutrients are needed for the body for it’s normal functions.

Improves Concentration

Chocolates increase blood flow to the brain thus making you alert and increasing concentration. As 50 percent of body’s glucose is utilised by brain so brain works on glucose. Eating chocolates in exams and interviews proves beneficial.

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