What Causes Mood Swings In Women

what causes mood swings in women

Men do experience mood swings for a variety of reasons. In this post, let us discuss about what causes mood swings in women.

As some women experience them more others experience less but all women do deal with them some time or the other in their lives.


When women enter teenage, many bodily changes occur. During that phase, women do experience mood swings.


During phase of pregnancy, the levels of estrogen rapidly wash and fall and that is the reason why women be inclined to experience mood swings.


When women undergo menopause, they might experience mood swings. The reason is hormonal changes during that time. The diminishing levels of estrogen may be the cause.


Yes, stress can also cause mood swings in women. Extreme levels of stress and anxiety can affect the mental and physical state of a person.


Sometimes, even medication can be the reason behind mood swings in women. Some medicines do interfere with the brain chemistry.

Chemical Imbalance

Mood swings are also a result of chemical imbalances in the brain. When the levels of dopamine and serotonin are affected, mood swings do occur.

what causes mood swings in womenInadequate Sleep

Lack of proper sleep or insomnia may also affect the moods of a person. During certain stages of their lives, women do get very little time to sleep. That is when they experience mood swings.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

It is a fact that alcohol and drugs affect a person’s behaviour in many ways. This way, they can also cause mood swings.

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