Health Benefits of Cardamom

Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Cardamoms have in recent years became a favoured spice among people around the world. Benefits of cardamom. Today, we will look at why cardamoms may be eaten, not just for their famous spicy flavour, but also for the health benefits they bring. Some of the important health benefits of cardamom they provide are listed here below:

Militates against Free Radicals

One of best things about cardamom is that it is very rich in anti-Oxidants. Because it carries this feature – it is able to fight free radicals and decrease the pace at which the body’s cells age and die

Vitamin Rich

Cardamoms are rich in a number of Vitamins that are important for the body, including Vitamin C. Thus, it supports a number of biological functions that benefit from the intake of such vitamins.

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Alleviates Anemia

Cardamom is very rich in minerals such as riboflavin, iron, niacin, copper and Vitamin C. These kinds of chemicals have a direct role to play in the production of red blood cells in the body. The abundant supply of these critical chemicals that cardamom provides can assist in alleviating anemia to a large extent.

Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Blood Pressure and Heart

Cardamom contains significant quantities of potassium. Potassium is a critical component of several body fluids including blood. The supply of potassium assists with keeping both the blood and the heart healthy. This assists in ensuring a lower blood pressure for the body.


One of the most well-established benefits of cardamom is that it help’s with the body’s digestion. It does this by cleaning up the stomach of gas and by increasing the speed at which digestion occurs. Thus cardamom assists the efficient and full digestion of the food that is eaten.

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Helps Fight Respiratory Difficulties

Cardamom has properties that help it fight many kinds of ailments relating to the lungs and the respiratory system, such as asthma. It does this by cleaning the lungs and by gradually raising the rate at which blood flows through the lungs. This helps keep the lungs flush with blood – allowing for easy respiration to take place. Not surprisingly, in societies such as India – cardamom has long been considered a “warm” food or material. This is therefore said to have properties that can cure symptoms like cough and the common cold.

Cleansing Properties

Cardamom is very rich is very rich in a variety of chemicals that help the body cleanse itself of excess calcium and other waste materials. In particular, because it contains niacin, riboflavin, Vitamins A, B and C – it helps the kidney and blood cleanse themselves of toxic substances, including unwanted calcium and urea.

Controlling Acidity

Another benefit of cardamoms is that it helps the body (and especially the stomach) deal with acidity issues. It does this by protecting the mucous lining and membrane of the stomach. It also helps fight acidity by increasing the quantity of saliva that is generated for digestion in the digestive system.

Bad Breath

The scientific name for bad breath is halitosis. Cardamom has been recognized for a long time now for its ability to fight bad breath. It is because of this feature that it is often consumed in some societies as a dessert – eaten after one’s lunch or dinner.

Treats Sore Throat, Cold & Cough

Cardamom is the right remedy for a sore throat. It improves the blood flow within the respiratory system & relieves the symptoms of a cough and cold.

Stimulates Digestion

The oil present in cardamom calms the stomach. It battles against constipation, indigestion & dysentery. Cardamom also soothes an upset stomach. Sip on the cup of tea with cardamom and get dismissed from all stomach disorders.

Detoxifies The Kidney

Cardamom acts as the detoxifying agent. The oil present in cardamom washes out the concentrated toxins from the body. It also stimulates the kidney function.

Lowers The Cholesterol

The micronutrients present in cardamom checks the surge of lipids in the body. The antioxidant enzymes have the capability to lessen the cholesterol levels.

Prevents Cancer

Cardamom has rich antioxidant properties. It also contains the photo chemicals which prevents cancer & kills cancer cells efficiently. It is proven to decrease the activity of genes connected with cancer.

How Much to Eat?

Cardamom – like most other spices of its kind – tends to be very strong in its flavor. Hence little bits of the spice tends to carry a significant amount of flavor and smell. When you are using them to assist with your digestion, you can eat little bits of the spice after you have eaten your lunch or dinner.

With so many positive health benefits that could be had – are you not tempted then to just dip into your next dose of cardamom for the day? Thankfully, as cardamoms are extremely fragrant and flavor full – you can whip them into virtually anything that you may like to cook for yourself!

The above are the Health Benefits of Cardamom

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