Top 10 amazing Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

amazing health benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C, as everyone have already heard about it is uses that it is used for the skin and prevents mouth ulceration. Apart from this a new research shows that the health benefits of vitamin C are countless. It is must for over all good health. Vitamin C deficiency can cause many disorders. It is a water soluble vitamin and rarely you can get vitamin C toxicity. There are many natural sources of vitamin C like citrus fruits oranges, lemon, pine apple, strawberries etc. You can also have the chewable tablets of vitamin C and they are flavored and tasty to have. There is the daily recommended dose for every vitamin and for vitamin C it is 80 to 90 mg in adults and in children it is 10 to 15 mg. Until now we only know that deficiency of vitamin C causes the disease called scurvy, as taught in the schools. Why should i take vitamin C? Today yabibo will share with you some amazing health benefits of vitamin C. Have a look at some uses of vitamin C in the human body.

Cancer Prevention

Vitamin C is an excellent anti oxidants. It removes the free radicals from body that can cause cancer and many diseases. It also helps to cancer patients to fight with the cancer by supporting the immune system. It also prevents the changes in cells and DNA called cell mutations, which is the cause of cancer.

Eye Cataract Prevention

This usually happens in the elderly persons in which there is some problem in the lens of eye. It can even lead to the blindness if not treated early. Vitamin C prevents cataract by keeping eye lens healthy. It removes free radicals from it that are formed as the result of sunlight over the period of time.

Prevents Heart Diseases

This is one of best health benefits of vitamin C. It has the anti oxidant properties that can be beneficial for your heart also. It prevents arteries from the damage. Prevents cholesterol deposition in the blood vessels and prevents from the heart attack and brain stroke. It helps in the smooth flow of the blood in blood vessels.

Good For Asthma Patients

Having vitamin C can also prevent asthma attack by decreases the production of asthma causing histamine in body. It also clears lungs and airways by it is anti oxidant properties.

Good For Diabetes

Patients This is one of most beneficial uses of vitamin C in human body. In diabetes there is deficiency of Vitamin C in cells. As there is no enough insulin to transport the glucose and vitamin in cells. Even if there is insulin it is unable to do so in diabetes patients. So always have the supplement of vitamin C if you are diabetic as this would decrease the high blood sugar level.

Healing Body Wounds

Most of the doctors prescribe vitamin C supplement to heal wounds because it helps in collagen synthesis , a protein present in the skin. It also enhances the immune system and prevents from infectious disease when immune system is weak such as in trauma, stress and the blood loss.

Prevents Allergies

As vitamin C has anti histamine properties , it also prevents from allergy and relieves it is symptoms. Histamine is the chemical that causes allergic response in body like skin rashes, vaso dilation and running nose. So vitamin C can also be used for common cold.

amazing health benefits of vitamin CSkin Atrophy

It means weakening or retreating of the skin cells. Sometimes due to the sun exposure or use of steroidal creams on the skin causes atrophy. In such cases vitamin C is very beneficial. It has healing properties and helps to collagen production in skin. This is also one of best health benefits of vitamin C.

Combating Stress

Vitamin C not only protects brain from damage by it’s antioxidant properties but also helps in synthesis of stress combating hormones such as adrenaline. It helps our body to manage up with accidental stress as when body is frightened or in trauma. To improve stress is one of reasons to take vitamin C supplements.

Relieves Arthiritis Pain Or Joint Pain

Vitamin C helps in production of the protein called collagen in joints. Joint pain is caused when joint collagen and cartilage is damaged either due to age or any infection. Vitamin C can relieve from joint pain and inflammation.

Caution: Vitamin C should be taken under the medical supervision in pregnancy as large doses may trigger miscarriage.

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