Causes of Morning Bad Breath

Causes of morning bad breath

Causes of Morning Bad Breath

Nearly 80 percent of the people do suffer from the bad breath in the morning and there are some reasons for that. Some times, it is due to food we eat and sometimes it could even be due to the usage of sure medicines. In fact poor sanitation could also be the reason.

Well, let us discuss about the causes of morning bad breath in this article.

Dry Mouth

The food bits and pieces in your mouth are consumed by the bacteria. The saliva usually flushes the food bits and pieces. But when your mouth is dry, the bacteria can have a banquet and this is one of the morning bad breath causes.


When you are asleep, the production of saliva tends to be lower than your waking state. This is one of the causes of morning bad breath.


Yes, dental hygiene plays a very important role in keeping your breath fresh. Also, certain habits like smoking and drinking can also affect your breath.

Health Conditions

Certain health conditions can also cause the bad breath. It is better to get yourself diagnosed and examined by a health care practitioner to rule out major ill-health reasons.


Health experts say that there is a link between snoring and morning bad breath. When you have the habit of sleeping with an open mouth, the chances of your mouth getting dry would improve and this would also cause bad breath.

 Causes of morning bad breath

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