Causes Of Midnight Cough

Causes of midnight cough

Causes Of Midnight Cough

What causes night cough? When you suffer severe cough that too when you lie down then it can be considered as cough that is a result of your posture.

Night cough could be tough to deal with as it disturbs your sleep and may also disturb others around.

In some people, the cough could be due to lung infection or even throat infection. Now, let us discuss various reasons behind night cough.


Allergies and sinusitis can also cause cough in the night. If you are suffering from sinusitis, it is better to consult your doctor to get the medicine prescribed to curb your midnight cough.


If your diet lacks important nutrients then it may also lead to cough. Experts say that iron deficiency could be one reason behind night cough.


This could be one of the causes of midnight cough. It is a fact that some people suffering from asthma also suffer form midnight cough.

Simple Reasons

If the air in your bedroom is dry, your nose and lungs may get irritated and this can result in night cough. Using a humidifier can solve the problem in such cases.

Acid Reflux

Though most of us don’t realize it, it is fact that we may also experience cough when we suffer from acid reflux. It is better to consume a light dinner if acid reflux is the reason for your cough.


Certain medicines can also cause cough in the night. If you are using any mediations, it is better to tell your doctor about your cough so that he or she can detect whether it is a side effect of the medicine.

Causes of midnight cough
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