Health Dangers Of Hair Dye

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Health Dangers Of Hair Dye

Most of us use hair colours for 2 reasons: to colour the gray hairs to cover the age or to try the new look. Well, if you are one of them then you must know about the health dangers of hair dye.

Although hair colours are far safer than the normal hair dyes, it is not sensible to use them extremely. They might cause certain types of skin reactions.

So firstly, it is better to lessen the frequency of usage if you cannot completely stay away from them. Choose a good brand and stick to it for some time. Also, find a brand that does not contain ammonia as an ingredient.

Skin Discolouration

A exacting chemical that is used in hair colours is said to cause skin dicolouration.

Skin Cancer

Over contact to certain chemicals that are present in the hair dyes might also cause skin cancer. This is one of the risks of hair dye.


 Let us accept the fact that hair dye is nothing but a mixture of several chemicals. When you apply it on the hair or scalp understand that your skin is gradually absorbing it. And your nose simply breathes in the fumes. Not a healthy thing, right?


If your skin gets irritated, due to the dyes, it might cause irritation and redness. This is one of the dangers of hair dye on skin.


It goes without saying that cancer can be caused due to the chemical exposure. The chemicals in hair dyes are carcinogens and hence they are dangerous.

Pregnant Women

 It is better if pregnant women stay away from usage of the hair dyes. A recent study maintains that some women who used the hair dyes during pregnancy observed certain side effects. The risk of the baby suffering from leukemia might increase if a pregnant woman uses harmful dyes.

Health dangers of hair dye

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