8 Toxic Vitamins You Cannot Ignore

8 toxic Vitamins You Cannot Ignore

8 Toxic Vitamins You Cannot Ignore

Vitamins & minerals, how much do we really require daily? Is not that a question which runs in all our minds. Vitamins are many in number & is obtainable in almost every meal we consume through fruits, vegetables, meats etc

Although, eating right vitamins is very significant. You should be aware as to what each vitamin provides the body with. For example, vitamin C is essential to combat against germs & to keep the body active, vitamin K is good for the blood as it helps with clotting, vitamin A for immunity & so forth.

Each of these vitamins plays an important role in keeping us fit & healthy. Today, Yabibi shares with you some of the vitamins you cannot ignore to add in your daily diet. These vitamins are essential for you to consume every day. Take a look at how these vitamins provide you with better health or 8 toxic Vitamins You Can’t Ignore.

Vitamin A

Carrots, melons, pumpkins & some leafy vegetables provide you with vitamin A. This is one of the many vitamins you cannot ignore as it is helps in building the immunity & keeping vision strong. Although, do not make it a habit to over eat vitamin A foods as it could have an unfavourable effect on the body.

Vitamin B

Food for brain & for better muscles, a leaner body and good energy- all of this are present in foods rich with vitamin B. Include seafood, bananas, peppers, lentils to build up on this vitamin naturally.

Tasty ways to make kids eat veggiesVitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has been shown to combat DNA-damaging free radicals, therefore making it a vitamin you can’t ignore. Consume natural sources of vitamin C through foods like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, strawberries & all types of citrus fruits.

Vitamin D

Did you know vitamin D is one you cannot ignore? If you lack vitamin D it will lead to osteoporosis & in some cases has been linked to certain cancers too. Vitamin D is absorbed from side to side sunlight & certain foods like tuna and salmon in small traces.

Vitamin E

Recent studies show that vitamin E is one you cannot ignore as it is good for eyes & also helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. When you ignore vitamin E foods like almonds, sunflower seeds & some vegetable oils, there is a higher propensity of you developing major health problems.

Vitamin K

Supports in clotting of blood & better bone density. Vitamin K is necessary for the body but not good for those who are on blood thinners. Vitamin K foods are – dark green leafy veggies, and olive oil too.

Vitamin B6

A deficiency in vitamin B6 can result to a heart attack or a stroke. It is very important for you not to miss out on foods like beef, eggs, fish which result in proper functioning of nerves & blood in the body.

Vitamin B12

Making vitamin B12 daily obligations is a must as it benefits in proper immunity functions. Add foods like sunflower seeds and beef to your daily diet if you lack B12.

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