Top 10 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Top 10 warning signs of ovarian cancer

Top 10 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Life is a battlefield. If you do not face it with the proper arms, one can be knocked out at any moment. Perhaps all enemies are not known. You have to prepare for them too. Diseases are the fees that may cripple for some moments. With the advancement of the medical science, you can beat those. But there are certain silent killers. These come stealthily, creeps into the body and slowly leads you to disaster. Cancer, AIDS, etc. are such type of diseases.

Cancer can happen to any portion of the body. If this killer disease attacks the ovaries, you might not get any loud signs of its presence at the beginning. You might think the small nuances as ignorable, but those can be the warning signs of ovarian cancer. It is hard to bind the symptoms within ten warning signs of ovarian cancer. But no one pays any attention to those at the starting days. By the time the serious issues emerge, cancer would have already spread. Read on and share with as many people as possible-

Abdominal Pain

It might be one of the several famous among the ten warning signs of ovarian cancer. You will feel a pain in your pelvic area that is distinct from the pain of indigestion or periodic cramps. Such a pain can last for two weeks or longer. Don’t ignore it.

Pain At Lower Back

The abdominal pain can begin to this painful experience. You might feel pain in the lower back portion. Don’t take it as a regular back pain. Without doing any self-diagnosis, consult your physician immediately.

Warning signs of ovarian cancerIndigestion

Is it happening on the regular basis? Indigestion, heartburn, nausea, gas, etc. are symptoms of ovarian cancer. If these are happening very often, then consult a physician. These are persistent signs of ovarian cancer.

Frequent Urination

Consider this as one of the significant warning signs of ovarian cancer. It can happen because of any normal infection in the urinary tract. If the pelvic floor muscles are weak, you can feel the urgent need to go toilet. But if problem increases day by day, you want to be cautious.

Loss Of Appetite

Cancer hampers the usual metabolism. Thus, the body fails to break the food you eat. So, you don’t feel the urge to eat anything. If you are feeling the sudden loss of appetite, it is time to go to a doctor.


Any unusual fatigue, even after a small work, can point towards any underlying serious condition. It may be a symptom of ovarian cancer, maybe not. But you can’t be sure until you visit a doctor. One of the ten warning signs of ovarian cancer.

Constipation and Diarrhea

Though these two are contradictory health conditions, both goes hand in hand when you have ovarian cancer. In the more advanced stage, the tumour starts to swell and creates pressure on the bladder, bowel and stomach.


Be your abdominal area and hip portion are getting massive day by day? Do you feel gas inside your stomach which leads to abdominal and back pain? Are your clothes getting tighter? Then, maybe the tumour is getting fat and occupying space.

Abrupt Weight Loss

Yes, this can also be regarded as ten warning signs of ovarian cancer. It is an early stage symptom. If you are losing too much weight without dieting or exercising, then it is time for the doctor’s visit.

Vaginal Bleeding

Many women may consider it as the period. But this happens outside the menstruation cycle. Even women can feel pain, the skin colour can change, or they may experience thick discharge.

Experts say that only 20% cases have recognized at the first stage. Therefore, you want to be aware of the warning signs of ovarian cancer. As this is a silent killer, awareness programmes must be arranged to inform people about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Here are ten warning signs of ovarian cancer.

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