10 Incredible Side Effects Of Sweet Corn

10 Incredible Side Effects Of Sweet Corn

What can go wrong with Sweet corn? They are delicious, they have versatile usages, they are very nutritious. What more is there to know? Do you need to know about the darker side of the sweet corn?

The cute corn requires no introduction. But one misunderstanding that many of us yet have is that we think of sweet corn as a vegetable. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The sweet corn is a food grain. Accessible everywhere today, sweet corns were first grown in the Central America & Mexico. And we Indians have acquired a unique bond with them.

These juicy, yellow kernels, sweet, of health, are surely a vision for sore eyes. But sweet corn must not just be yellow! Nowadays, corn is available in brown, purple & blue colors too. The yellow & white corn has known as sugar & butter corn, & they remain the absolute favorite food component for children & adults alike.

It had eaten roasted over the flame like we do in India. It is also employed as a pizza topping, cooked as a separate dish or eaten as the sweet corn—the idea to eat corn are various, but the benefits they provide remain identical. But is there a darker side to sweet corn? Can consuming corn point to side effects?

Actually, yes, Sweet Corn does have its many side effects. Many of these sweet corn side effects can easily be shrugged aside while others want a little more care.

Top 10 Side Effects Of Corn

Here are some of the main side effects of the sweet corn that you should be aware of:

1. Causes Indigestion & Stomach Upset:

Corn is the good source of fiber & other essential nutrients, which assists in flushing out dangerous toxins or unwanted substances from the body. But an excess of these fibers can be bad for the stomach. Even if you eat a lot of cereals, then it can drive to indigestion & stomach cramps. So, keep the lookout for how much corn you are eating, in any of its forms.

2. Causes Intestinal Irritation & Diarrhea:

Sweet corn should not be consumed raw as it can result in diarrhea. Corn also points to many of the intestinal disorders. You must consult the doctor if you find symptoms that warrant some were checking out.

3. Allergic Reactions:

Eating corn can lead to allergies & symptoms like rashes on a skin, swelling of mucous layer, vomiting, etc. Many of the people also suffer from asthma attack & anaphylaxis after having corn. The main purpose of causing allergies is that ingestible proteins are present in the sweet corn.

4. Risk Of Pellagra:

Sweet corn is a staple food for many people. If you have corn in vast amounts, then you will face the risk of pellagra. Pellagra is nothing but the vitamins deficiency, particularly niacin in the body. Corn is lacking in amino acids (lysine & tryptophan) & niacin, which supports to protect the body from the pellagra. If corn forms the significant chunk of the diet, then make sure that you supplement the diet with vitamin-rich foods to limit pellagra.

5. Not Good For Diabetics:

Corn negatively affects people suffering from diabetes as it improves the blood sugar level in the body. Corn has the high carbohydrate content, which points to the improvement in the blood sugar levels. So people suffering from diabetes should not eat corn in the large quantities.

6. Causes Bloating & Flatulence:

Corn contains the high percentage of starch. When you eat sweet corn, it breaks down in the large intestine & produces a lot of gas. So if someone eats corn in the large quantities, then it can cause the bloating & flatulence.

Incredible Side Effects Of Sweet Corn
Incredible Side Effects Of Sweet Corn

7. Causes Osteoporosis:

People who depend on the corn diet can suffer from osteoporosis as sweet corn contains very less quantity of calcium. But this is appropriate only if corn has not supplemented with adequate calcium-rich food.

8. Gains Weight:

As discussed before, corn contains the hefty dose of sugar & carbohydrate. Overzealous eating of maize can undoubtedly lead to gain weight. People on this diet should avoid eating of corn.

 9. Causes Tooth Decay:

Corn contains the right amount of sugar, so it can lead to the tooth ruin in some people. This is a comparatively rare side effect of sweet corn, but not one that should be taken lightly. Make sure to follow the proper oral hygiene & brush the teeth after consuming corn.

 10. Leads To Lethargy:

Corn contains an extensive amount of starch. Starch can cause drowsiness & result in lethargy.

These are the few side effects of eating sweet corn. Most of these are called antagonistic effects of corn can counter with the balanced meal. For the balance, well, just watch the portion size

Do you like sweet corn? How do you like to have the corn-roasted, boiled or as a garnishing? Share with us.

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