Dental Care and Oral Hygiene Solutions

Dental Care and Oral Hygiene Solutions

Healthy teeth with glossy white color are everyones desire. But before desiring for a perfect and healthy set of teeth, there are also quiet a few of things you should know and follow. Owning healthy teeth comes with following a proper dental care routine which also helps to keep dental damage and other teeth problems away. Dental Care and Oral Hygiene Solutions

Dental damage issues though common, can be the reason for a handful of side effects. Sometimes, dental problems can manifest as a result of some disease you might be already suffering from, like Diabetes. Proper oral care is a must to avoid as well as reverse or recover from dental issues.

Oral Hygiene & Dental Care Solutions

Tooth Sensitivity

  • Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common tooth problems. Exposed root surfaces form the main reason in most of the cases.
  • Symptoms include experiencing pain or discomfort when brushing/flossing, consuming sweets, hot or cold drinks, cold air or ice cream.
  • To prevent tooth sensitivity one needs to maintain a good oral hygiene.
  • Recovery solutions include using a soft bristled toothbrush, desensitizing toothpaste, fluoridated dental products.
  • Also avoid acidic foods, over the counter mouthwashes, teeth grinding and see your dentist at regular intervals.

Yellow Teeth

  • Most people suffer from yellowing of teeth. It is pretty common and easily treatable.
  • Tooth yellowing is mostly caused by the food and beverages one consumes. Some people naturally have that yellow tinge to their teeth.
  • Try to limit beverages like coffee, tea, red wine.
  • Use a straw while you drink carbonated drinks to protect your teeth.

Bad Breath

  • Some people are plagued by bad breath and unfortunately most do not know they have one.
  • It is important to check your breath once in a while and take appropriate measure to stave off bad breath
  • Tongue is the main source of bad breath. Thus, tongue daily tongue scraping is essential.
  • It can also be caused by dry mouth and other glandular conditions. Foods like onion and garlic can also cause bad breath.
  • Chewing mint gum and gargling your mouth 3-4 times daily or whenever you use the loo will help with oral condition to some extent.

Dental Care and Oral Hygiene Solutions

Gum Disease

  • Gum disease is caused by 3 factors namely – Smoking, Genetic Susceptibility and Oral Hygiene
  • Symptoms are usually not seen until 30’s and 40’s. It manifests as Gingivitis in teenage.
  • Severe Gum diseases like Periodontitis can cause heart attack or stroke and also can affect your lungs.
  • Symptoms of gum disease include – Bad breath, loose or sensitive teeth, swollen or bleeding gums.
  • Treatment includes deep cleaning or scraping tartar from below the gum line, mouthwashes/gels, prescription antibiotics and sometimes surgery.

Teeth Grinding

  • Teeth grinding, also called as Bruxism is pretty common in adults which often leads to dental damage and also jaw problems.
  • Bruxism occurs due to misaligned teeth or stress, which cause teeth to become short and blunt.
  • A custom plastic guard can be used during sleep to protect the teeth.
  • Alignment can be corrected by orthodontic or restorative dentistry.

Mouth Sores

  • Mouth sores are categorized into 2 types – Canker sores and Herpes
  • Canker sores are non-virus based and are caused due to either heredity or even stress. These usually disappear in a couple of weeks but chronic sufferers can have them treated with a newly introduced laser therapy.
  • Herpes sores are virus based and are very contagious. Symptoms include small blisters, skin lesions around mouth and lips.
  • Recovery solutions includes treatment by pills and antiviral creams.

Tooth Cavities

  • Tooth cavities are mostly seen in children as they consume lots of chocolates and sweets. This is also seen in adult who do not maintain proper dental hygiene.
  • Bacteria in the mouth feast on sugar and starch remnants in the mouth and secrete acid waste products which dissolve tooth enamel and leads to tooth damage by forming cavities.
  • Tooth cavities can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene. Proper brushing and flossing helps to some extent.
  • Cavities can be treated by crown, filling or a root canal treatment.

Oral Cancer

  • Oral cancer occurs in people over 40 years of age.
  • It is often characterized by swelling, numbness, sores or lumps in the mouth.
  • People with oral cancer might find it difficult to chew, swallow or even move jaw or tongue.
  • As pain is not the early symptom of this disease, it is advised to go for yearly oral cancer check-ups, as it can be easily treated in the starting stages.
  • Avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, moderate alcohol intake, and use a lip cream with sunscreen. Also Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Tips for healthy teeth and a healthy oral cavity

  • Brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Also brush below the gum line
  • Use a tongue scraper
  • Floss periodically to remove plaque between the teeth.
  • Cut down on sugar and beverages
  • Do not snack constantly
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • Visit a Dentist regularly

Follow good oral care to make your teeth last a lifetime. Good oral health is as important as your retirement plan! Regular dental check-ups will help you to protect your teeth and gums and also helps in dental damage recovery. Dental Care and Oral Hygiene Solutions

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