7 Foods To Fight Cavities In Your Teeth

7 Foods To Fight Cavities In Your Teeth

7 Foods To Fight Cavities In Your Teeth

Teeth cavities is one of the commonest dental problems. There is no age limit for cavities. Anyone from the small kids to mature adults can have this problem. Cavities are basically holes that get formed in the teeth. This can happen due to the variety of reasons. It could be due to an excessive eating of sweets or mouth bacteria. Sometimes your teeth also get eaten away due to the acids formed in the mouth.

We all know that some foods are good for teeth and some are bad. You can be protected against teeth cavities by avoiding foods that cause the dental problems. There are also certain foods that can make your teeth strong and by doing so, they give you natural protection against cavities. For example, high fibre foods like vegetables and some fruits can help you to have strong teeth. Also, fibrous carbohydrates like whole grains will do you a lot of good. Here is a list of teeth-friendly food that can help you keep cavities at bay. You can have these 7 Foods To Fight Cavities In Your Teeth

Fruits That Are Not Sweet

If you have grapes and peaches, then your teeth are not going to get any better. You must choose fruits that have less sugar and more fibre. For example, cucumber.

Fibrous Vegetables

Some vegetables are more fibrous than others. Carrots, green leafy vegetables etc can protect your teeth against cavities because they are rich in dietary fibres.

Whole Grains

Foods grains that have not been refined are good for the teeth. Coarse grains like bajra, jowar and even brown rice for that matter is very effective in fighting cavities.


Raisins contain certain flavinoids and photophenols that helps control mouth bacteria. As a result, it fights cavity.


Seafoods like prawn, oysters and clamps are very rich in calcium and prosperous. These elements strengthen the teeth.

Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is usually considered harmful for the teeth but the act of chewing produces some mouth acids that create a protective layer on the teeth.

Mint Leaves

Mint is a natural disinfectant and chewing a few mint leaves after having sweets is a very good way to protect your teeth.

The important thing is that if cavities are not filled, the food gets stuck in teeth and leads to further contamination. Thus, teeth cavities are the nuisance that is better to avoid than treat. To avoid cavities you have to brush frequently and rinse your mouth after eating anything. Apart from that, there is the list of teeth-healthy foods that can help you fight cavities.

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